Saturn Square Neptune


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Lynn Bell presents a special-topic webinar exploring how the Saturn-Neptune square interacts dynamically with our dreams and plans. Watch Lynn introduce the webinar.

As certain cherished parts of our lives slip through our fingers, it can seem that Neptune and Saturn take us away from where we want to be. And yet it is our outworn dreams and wishes we are leaving behind.

Saturn-Neptune aspects test our vision, take us to the graveyard of dreams, and yet they also call up new ones. Human beings generate dreams to keep them moving forward.

The houses transited by the 2016 Saturn-Neptune square show us where new visions are incubated and old ones lose power and slowly drift away. We may be asked to let go of something so that the world can light up again. Saturn-Neptune cycles call up a vivid inner life, long before it appears in our awareness. Paradoxically it is often at the moment of a loss that there is an opening for our dreams to swim to the surface.

Using chart examples, Lynn provides a starting point for looking at the Saturn-Neptune square in the houses. (Does not cover every sign and house placement).

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

1 hr. 41 min. | video plus slides

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Will definitely buy from AU again!

Saturn Square Neptune

I love astrology and really appreciate all the webinars you put on...thanks!

United States
Saturn square Neptune, Lynn Bell

Very smooth... Everything worked fine.

Gary S.
United States
Lynn Bell presents Saturn Square Neptune

Every Lynn Bell webinar I have attended has been unique, insightful, lively and engaging. I cannot recommend her webinars highly enough.

Saturn Square Neptune: Finding our Way

I liked Lynn Bell presentation very much, specially since she offered a French perpective and analysis to the aspect Saturn square Neptune, including her poetry quotes and the clip at the beginning; arts and astrology work very well for me. I just enjoyed Walt Whitman poem so much and the charts of the Chirac family were very good to explain the family dinamics; something I haven't seen USA astrologers doing very often. The pictures were great too. Jonas coming out of the whale mouse mmmm and then the beginning picture of the man in a solitary island feeling alone and abandoned while life happens all over his comtemplation. Dreamy and hopeless shall we say. The reality of Saturn is not all we can see; there is the other "reality" of Neptune we access in our dreams and they sometimes collide like in a square. It forces the person to take un step up another dimmension to understand the whole. Great webinar.

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