The Nodal Axis of the Moon – Challenging Perceptions and New Directions


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For several webinars, Mark Jones has been guiding students in a survey of the power and scope of the nodal axis of the Moon. The time has come to summarize and explore the core interpretive principles of working with the Nodes and to reveal the most transformative way to apply that understanding.

In this webinar we will return to first principles (that the nodes are an expression of the Moon, that they are formed and work together) in order to find a way of creating a profound understanding of their meaning.

The webinar will explore commonly asked questions such as:

  • If my south node is in the Libra in the 7th house and north node in Aries in the 1st house am I meant not to have a relationship this time around?
  • If these planets are on the south node of the Moon am I trapped or did I do something wrong?

Mark will reveal these questions to be based on fundamental misconceptions about the nature of the nodal axis. In addressing these and other issues, the webinar will reveal a more subtle and yet more helpful approach to working with the nodes that has been tested through Mark’s long-term and extensive client work.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.

1 hr. 50 min. | includes video, audio and slides with option to add-on written transcript pdf


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Paola B.
Always insightful!!

I love the passion, humor, deep knowledge and compassion with which Mark transmits his teachings on the nodes. I is always insightful and I can’t never have enough!! I am more in peace with my Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter conjunct my South Node in the 12th house, feeling somehow that I had to “pay” for past life actions because of Mark’s statement in his book Healing the Soul where he mentions that Pluto conjunct the South Node is the most evident symbol of karma. I stay acceptant of the fact that it is compost for the present, although I’d really love to hear his comment on that. Thank you. Warm regards, Paola

United States

I love the focus upon synthesis -

The Nodal Axis of the Moon: Challenging Perceptions and New Directions

Loved it! Some different perspectives and interesting, thought provoking questions

elizabeth t.
United States
The nodal axis

Loved the analogies and agree with his approach vs doom and gloom of some. Look forward to his book. Elizabeth Thorson

Margaret J.
United States
Mark Jones—Lunar Nodes as Mobius Strip

Mark Jones presents his case that the lunar nodes should be seen/interpreted as a unified whole, as opposed to a ‘good/bad, right/wrong’ polarity. He observes that even evolutionary astrologers can unintentionally harm clients through their own unexamined assumptions about the nodes. This rings true to me, and feels important—even as it makes the nodal structure more mysterious and challenging to delineate!

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