Growth = Meaning x Intention


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Part 2 of a two-part series. This webinar focuses on the importance of the Jupiter placement in the natal chart as symbolic of an individual’s sense of meaning. It explores how fundamental this meaning-making placement is to individual healing and transformation.

We will consider how stressful Jupiter aspects can refer to a loss of vision or meaning, and how certain aspects reveal the way personal meaning can get distorted by others (i.e. Jupiter with Moon; or loaded 4th house can reveal the family influence on beliefs). Identifying the ways a person’s Vision/Jupiter is expressed within the natal chart becomes crucial to unlocking individual development.

2 hrs. This is a pre-recorded webinar available for instant download. mp4 video format will play on all devices.

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About Mark

Mark Jones is an astrologer, teacher, and psychosynthesis counselor. Educated at the Universities of Warwick and Manchester and with the Synthesis organization in Bristol, Mark is internationally known for his work in the field of evolutionary astrology. His first book, Healing the Soul, is an essential primer for learning evolutionary astrology counseling techniques.

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Webinar for the Researcher

The basic theme about Jupiter was helpful but not enough for application for practicing astrologer who sees clients. Overall the information would be very helpful for someone who is more committed to research. I found the speaker was a little over my head and did not hold my interest.

Miranda E.

What really interests me about Mark's teaching is how his clarity of vision makes implicit the fact that natal charts are not causal. Rather it is the individual who brings the meaning and healing potential necessary to bring the chart to life. Taking it from a 2 dimensional potentiality to a 3 dimensional reality. I am a complete novice. I know nothing about astrology. But I find myself inexplicably drawn to listen to more and understand more. I urge anyone who thinks that astrology is nothing more than superstitious mumbo-jumbo, to throw away what they think they know about astrology, and to open their minds to the vast potential that is on offer here. I challenge everyone, take a leap into the unknown, and discover for themselves a whole new way of 'being'.

Always Inspiring

I take every webinar from Mark Jones that is offered. Afterwards, I have taken notes, and yet I don't recall every substantive thing he says. What sticks with me is more of a feeling tone, an inspiration, that astrology is about healing, and that those of us who are studying and practicing it are on a kind of grand mission to repair the world.

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