Signatures of Individuation and Outsider Status


with Steven Forrest

One big problem when it comes to finding the life you were born to live? Too much advice! Everybody seems to have suggestions for you, especially when you are young.

Generally those suggestions show a range of imagination stretching from A to B – get a job, make a baby, eat plenty of vegetables, plan for your retirement. Then die. But astrology, if it is anything at all, is a celebration of human diversity. What if your life is not supposed to be about career or family? What if you are on “the road less traveled?” “Normal” isn’t for everybody!

The single greatest gift astrology can offer anyone is to reveal that mirror of truth, illuminating those “unsupported” places where, in order to be true to yourself, you must embrace the parts of yourself that might be called weird, marginalized, or extraordinary. Often, those critical, supportive insights are hiding in plain sight, visible with a single glance at the birthchart – and overlooked until we remove our cultural blinders and truly hear what the symbols are saying.

Includes a discussion of three main signatures that correlate with “outsider” energy – planets in Aquarius, Uranus aspects, and out of bounds planets. These signatures speak to the need for individuation relative to social training being critical to your sanity and the success of your evolutionary journey.

Pre-recorded for instant download.

60 min. | includes video and audio

Originally included in the Destiny and Life Purpose Summit package.

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