The Aspects Workshop


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audio course

In this recorded workshop with master astrologer Steven Forrest, you’ll learn how to use the astrological aspects in natal and transit analysis. Use this foundational technique to gain insight into how planets influence each other.

Steven writes: Aspects weave the chart together. And all aspects are about integration. With this view, you’ll discover how to replace the outdated notion of “good and bad aspects” with a more sophisticated understanding. Both “good” and “bad” aspects are about two energies trying to come together to serve some larger purpose. The only difference is that the integrative process can be harder with difficult aspects.

With the “good” aspects, the integrative process flows more easily—but might lack motivation or impetus. Each specific aspect requires a distinct strategy. Sextiles, for one example, are not just “like trines, but not as strong.” Unlike trines, they speak of excitation, but threaten imbalance.

In this audio recording Steven focuses on the most energetic and critical aspects—the so-called Ptolemaic or Major ones: the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. He also covers the fascinating and underrated quincunx, and the magical, creative quintile.

6 hrs. 41 min. | audio format | Includes handouts

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