The Solar Arc Lunar Nodes


The transiting nodes move too fast to develop much depth. The progressed nodes move almost too slowly to notice. But in between, at about one degree per year, lie the all-important solar arc nodes.

When will the karmic wave break? When the nodes hit, a feeling of déjà vu pervades your life. You’ve said to the cosmos, “set it up again. I want another look at this question – and these people.”

Audio lecture with Steven Forrest.

Available for instant download. Recorded at the 2018 UAC conference.

1 hr. 13 min. | audio file

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Dylan K.
The Solar Arc Lunar Nodes

There was a lot of filler material anyone who's read any of Steven Forrest's books would already be familiar with, and he was taking too long to describe technical aspects any serious amateur astrology buff would already know, much less any professional astrologer. I would be more interested in Steven's views on the relationship between transiting lunar nodes and Solar Arc lunar nodes.

Add this to your predictive toolbox

Steven has a clear teaching style and this class gives terrific insight into utilising the Lunar Nodes into predictive work. I've never been a fan of solar arc directions but this short introduction has given me hours of study tips and insight. A brilliant tool for your toolbox!

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