Transcript – Jupiter in Scorpio through the Twelve Houses


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This is a written transcript of an audio recording in which Steven Forrest explores the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio through each of the 12 houses.

Jupiter transits the sign of Scorpio from October 10, 2017 through November 8, 2018.

When Jupiter, the reigning heavyweight champion of the solar system, enters a new sign, stand back – the “gravity” of the symbolism is going to pull a lot of events into its synchronistic orbit.

Jupiter’s principle effect is to expand anything it touches. Scorpio embraces all of the “strong energies” in the human psyche – instincts, mammal reflexes, appetites, rage, fear, the wounded places in us all.

In this audio recording Steven introduces the core significations of this transit, demonstrates some of the historical correlates, and then provides descriptions of Jupiter through all 12 houses.

pdf | 26 pages | instant download

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