Transcript – The North Node in Practice


This is a written transcript of a webinar.

In September 2017, Steven Forrest presented his most-popular webinar ever: The North Node Path of Evolution, where he presented the core theoretical material to help us understand this wonderful healing “karmic remedy” that is built into everyone’s birth chart.

In this transcript of the webinar Steven offers Part II of the same topic: In Practice. This time we make it all real. We will apply and demonstrate the analytic principles, working with the charts of a few famous people, some who got it right – and a some who did not. Our aim is to move beyond mere theory into the practical, hands-on application of these pivotal principles which underlie the truly “healing” dimension of evolutionary astrology.

Steven looks at the charts of David Bowie, Sue Grafton and Hugh Hefner to see what the North Node tells us about their evolutionary potential.

26 pages | pdf for instant download

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