Saturn Success Stories


Saturn has been called “the grim reaper,” “the tough old bird,” and “the devil.” Those attract our attention, but do they tell the whole story?

In this webinar we’ll look at some of the more empowering Saturn dynamics that correlate with so-called “negative” birth chart signatures and key Saturn transits.

You’ll learn 5 key strategies to mastering Saturn lessons. In addition, we’ll discuss several actions and intentions that you can start using right away to improve your Saturn experience.

You’ll come away with inspiration as well as tools you can apply to your next phase of heavy Saturn energy so that you can feel empowered to tackle whatever you face, whether a challenge, a difficult task, or a personal goal.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.

2 hrs. | video download plus slides and audio

Tony Introduces the Webinar

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Deborah M.
Five stars from me

Strap on your emotional belts and braces, because this webinar will take you to some Saturnian depths. I had purchased it hoping to find some salve for my all too prominent Saturn, or at least find some reason to push-back against the stern and often negative reputation Saturn has in astrology. Admittedly there are some moments of light, such as Lily Tomlin’s career breakthrough and Tony’s friend who met and quickly married her partner after a Saturn activation. Both stories showed the themes of their Saturn-ruled houses during a Saturn transit – an intriguing insight, of which I wanted more! I may have gotten a little lost in the emotion of the many (quite frankly) harsh life stories, but thankfully there’s lots of charts and transits to revisit any time I want. There’s plenty of triumph in there too, and along with it, Tony’s careful coaching is weaved throughout – in sharing these stories Tony gives us five keys to mastering Saturn. I hadn’t counted on receiving my own personal life coach, but in this webinar, I think that is what I’ve got. It’s a practical resource to return to whenever the weight of Saturn in my life starts to get me down. The webinar is well research, artfully presented and, as always with Tony, compassionately delivered. It gets five stars from me.

Saturn Success Stories

Very intesting ! with a lot of examples and interactions with the participants. I recognize myself a lot, because I have Moon Sag and Saturn in Capr ! Many thanks

Gary S.
United States

One of a kind Saturn webinar! I find Tony's approach to Saturn very helpful.

A Astrology University Customer
shannon c.
Saturn success stories a clear, insightful and enjoyable class

I found this practically helpful, well put together, with a lot of information that was cohesive and organized. And hopeful! Definitely recommend this and will look forward to other courses by Tony.

A Astrology University Customer
Greyson K.
United States
Saturn Success Stories: A Great Success

This class was helpful, straightforward and provided a lot of light around a planet we typically are taught to see as a challenging one. The examples were great and it gave me a lot of insight into my own experiences as well as a new lens through which to view Saturn transits!

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