Venus Retrograde in Gemini – Networks of Connection


with Tony Howard

In this webinar we’ll review Venus retrograde theory and meaning and then look at the specifics of this 2020 cycle. We’ll look the possible themes with the sign placement in Gemini. We’ll talk about the stationing degrees (points at the start and end of the cycle) and help you determine where Venus retrograde activates your chart by house.

And finally we’ll look at the unique features of this Venus retrograde including the square with Neptune, and Venus’s time out of bounds at the start of the cycle. Slides include all important dates and aspect degrees.

Pre-recorded and available for instant download.

Includes video, audio and slides

Level: Beginner/Intermediate 

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So good!

So glad I listened to this because it was truly so helpful. An excellent presentation. Thank you, Tony!

Rachel P.

I truly enjoyed this class. Tony has an excellent way of teaching a lot of valuable information in a thorough and easily understandable method. Can’t wait to utilize all the things I learned in this class and to take more classes in the future:)

Virginia M.
I've only been studying astrology

I've only been studying astrology a few years. Tony's style allows beginners to learn easily, too. I learned new terms, but still could follow along. I focus on the outer planets, mostly, but my Venus Return this year is smack during the Venus Retrograde, so I had to pay attention this time. Thanks, Tony.

Ann H.
Venus Retrograde

This was open to all comers and at the opening of the class the lecturer established that the class had beginners in it. Then he proceeded to teach way over their heads. As an intermediate I was struggling to understand. He needs to limit himself to intermediate and advanced. He has spoken the jargon for so long that he does not know where most folks dwell. If I were a beginner I would be asking for my money back.

Shelley M.
Loved it.

Tony has an abundance of fascinating information to share and it is so easy listening to him.

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