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with Safron Rossi and Tony Howard

Course Description

In this course we’ll explore one of the most important astrology texts of our times: Cosmos and Psyche. This book is a richly layered demonstration of planetary aspect theory at work. Drawing on years of research, Richard Tarnas reveals the connection between planetary cycles and archetypal experience on Earth.

This book is often considered difficult to approach, both in its volume, but also in its depth and thoroughness. Your instructors will help make this book more accessible to read and appreciate while uncovering its rich and inspiring message.

We won’t have time to read the entire book in this four-week course, so we will focus on the Saturn-Pluto chapters to examine some of the resonant themes of our current times. Then Safron Rossi will guide us through the first three sections, in which we see the value of astrology as an antidote to destructive existential and mechanistic thinking in addition to learning how to see and engage with the living archetypal world.

  • Week 1: The Archetypal Telescope – Tony Howard
  • Week 2: In Search of a Deeper Order – Safron Rossi
  • Week 3: Myths, Muses and Cosmos – Safron Rossi
  • Week 4: Saturn-Pluto Cycles of Crisis and Contraction with Tony Howard

Required text: Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas

The course includes a unique and powerful exploration of the Saturn-Pluto cycle. The original lessons were recorded during the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020, and the recordings include rich conversations and deep exploration of that cycle while it was unfolding in the context of the pandemic. Students had powerful insights as a result, and your course access includes those illuminating recordings in addition to the core teachings. 

Next live dates: March 30 – April 24, 2022*
Pre-recorded lessons plus four live Q&A sessions during the dates above (dates and times for live Q&As will be posted in early 2022).

Pre-recorded for Instant Access*
$295 (audit) / $350 (certification-track**)

*You may register and start this course and get started today or wait for the next live cohort and take the course at the same time as a group of students and participate in the live question and answer sessions.
**Certification-track students will receive feedback on homework and an exam review. Auditing students receive the same study materials and videos but do not receive personal feedback on their work.

Instructors: Safron Rossi and Tony Howard

Course includes: four video classes, four live Q&A sessions, weekly reading assignments and homework. Video, audio and handouts are available to view and/or download. Certification students will have graded homework assignments and an exam.

Level: All levels except brand new beginners.

This is course seven in our four-year training program. You do not have to be enrolled in the program to take this course. 

Safron Rossi
Safron Rossi

Senior Instructor

Safron Rossi, Ph.D., is Associate Core Faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the Jungian and Archetypal Studies MA/PhD program, teaching courses on mythology, archetypal symbolism, and research. She is editor of Joseph Campbell’s Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine (2013), and co-editor with Keiron Le Grice of Jung on Astrology (2017).
Her research areas are Greek mythology, archetypal psychology, and astrological symbolism and practice. She is passionate about writing and publishes articles in Jungian, Archetypal, and astrological journals and lectures across the US and internationally in Europe, Brazil and Australia.
Tony Howard astrologer
Tony Howard

Senior Instructor

Tony is passionate about sharing an astrology that empowers people to consciously co-create life as an engaged participant. Tony’s writing is featured in the Flare anthologies Astrology the New Generation and The Book of Music Horoscopes. Through his website he coaches both clients and astrology students to find inspiration, creative solutions and fresh insights using the cosmos as a guide.

Rave Reviews

"Just the right amount of depth and exploration. Saffron and Tony are excellent. Together they bring the academic depth of the material down to earth."
– Angela B.
“Kudos to Tony and Saffron for this excellent and thought-provoking course about a complex and magnificent book that is vital to every astrologer’s understanding of the breadth, depth, power, and brilliance of both astrology and the Universe that contains it. Utterly fascinating!”
– Karen W.
“Tony, your lectures have been stellar. It's clear that you're rigorously thinking through the order in which we need to hear the information to facilitate our actually taking it in. Moreover, you're also resisting the temptation to make the meanings formulaic, and thus overly reductive. I think it's quite remarkable that after a mere three lessons, I'm starting to grok how to think astrologically.”
– Susan Shannon

“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. 

Astrology is one of the most direct tools to self-inquiry. Why not start your inner journey today!

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