Intro to Hellenistic Astrology



Learn the Hellenistic approach to natal chart reading. Demetra introduces the concept of “planetary condition” as practiced by ancient astrologers. You’ll learn the first steps towards making a judgment about a planet’s relative ease or difficulty in expressing its significations. Includes the first set of tools including: sect, traditional planetary rulership, the use of whole sign houses, solar phase, intro to aspect configurations, and making a judgment. This course prepares students to pursue further studies to learn a more complete set of Hellenistic techniques for evaluating planetary condition, either through self study or advanced courses with Demetra.

Note: This course includes edited pre-recorded material from Demetra’s Hellenistic Primer course in addition to live Q&A sessions with Demetra, plus reading and homework assignments.

Required Text: Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice by Demetra George

Dates: October 27 – November 21, 2021
Pre-Recorded Class Releases: Wednesdays
Live Q&A Sessions: Oct. 31 at 9am, Nov. 7 at 9am, Nov. 14 at 11:30 am, Nov. 21 at 3pm (Pacific Time for all sessions)

$295 (audit) / $350 (certification-track*)
*Certification track includes feedback on homework and exam.

Instructor: Demetra George

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Certification, Audit

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