Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology Course


In this introductory course, you’ll learn the foundational techniques of evolutionary astrology in the style taught by Steven Forrest. The evolutionary approach to astrology emphasizes personal choice and free will while providing guidelines for unlocking the creative potential inherent in every birth chart. See:

You’ll learn that there are no “bad” aspects – all aspects are about integration. You’ll learn how to interpret the primal triad – Sun, Moon, and Ascendant – in a way that moves beyond mere personality description.

You’ll learn how to identify and read the “chart behind the chart” signified by the nodes of the moon. The placement of the nodes – their signs, houses, rulers and aspects – reveal both the karma that is ripe for evolution as well as the way forward.

Finally you’ll be introduced to the concept of the “nodal story” – a story that is resonant with the emotional energy the soul incarnated with, which is used to help the client connect with and identify this energy within themselves.

Pre-requisites: You should have a basic understanding of planets, signs and houses. You will be taught basic chart synthesis, so no previous chart-reading experience is required. We recommend that you have read The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest. And suggest that you read Yesterday’s Sky during the course.


Pre-recorded webinars. 6 sessions totaling 10 hours plus a 2 hr. bonus webinar with Steven Forrest. Includes handouts and all videos for instant download.

Taught by Evolutionary Astrologers Cheryl Hopkins and Kay Taylor, master level graduates of Steven Forrest’s apprenticeship program.

Cheryl HopkinsAbout Cheryl Hopkins
Cheryl Hopkins is an astrologer, mentor and speaker. Her interest in astrology grew after a life changing consultation inspiring her to become a devoted student of astrology and metaphysics. She has studied with leading professionals in the astrological and metaphysical fields and among her certifications is a Level II graduate of Steven Forrest’s Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship Program. Cheryl offers heart-centered guidance in an evolutionary framework having consulted with clients and mentored others for over twenty years. She gives back to the astrological community as the VP, Program Director for the Richmond, VA chapter of the National Council for Geo-Cosmic Research (NCGR) and has presented at various Mid-Atlantic chapters and regional conferences.

Kay TaylorAbout Kay Taylor
Kay is a professional astrologer, writer and teacher, integrating evolutionary astrology with her remarkable intuitive and healing skills. She trained with Steven Forrest to the master level, is ISAR-CAP and NCGR Level II certified, and is an ISAR Consulting Skills Leader. Kay writes the Mars in Sagittarius column for the iSAR Journal, and lectures at major conferences and professional groups. Kay has a grounded, heart-centered, evolutionary approach and has maintained a thriving practice based in the San Francisco Bay Area for over thirty years. She has trained countless students in the art of evolutionary astrology, intuitive development and psychosynthesis counseling. Her book Soul Path Way was released in July 2016.

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