Destiny, Destinations and Choice – Navigating by the Stars


Destiny, Destinations and Choice – Navigating by the Stars
with Darby Costello

Since the beginning of our time as human beings, we have been navigating by the stars; across landscapes – notably deserts – and water bodies – especially oceans and seas. At some point, we began to look to the stars to help our rulers navigate possible events that might or might not be upon us. Today we look to the stars to help us with our choices in navigating the energies manifested in our individual lives – both inner and outer experiences and events.

So, what has this to do with Destiny or Life Purpose?   As defined in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Destiny is, “The predetermined course of events…the fate of a particular person, country, etc; [and] “invincible necessity.”

During this hour we shall explore the dance between Destiny, Destinations and that which we call Free Will.

Pre-recorded for instant download.

60 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Originally included in the Destiny and Life Purpose Summit package.

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