Planets Square the Lunar Nodes Webinar Set


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Join Mark Jones for a two-part webinar series on a key technique used in his astrological practice: interpreting planets that are square to the nodal axis.

A fundamental issue arises when planets square the moon’s nodes. This placement represents a core issue that is unresolved at birth, a so-called “skipped step” in the process of moving from the patterns described by the South Node of the Moon towards the evolutionary intentions symbolized by the North Node of the Moon.

The squaring planet represents issues that have interrupted the progression of development. Many patterns can emerge with such a configuration – one is that the person moves towards the North Node intention but easily falls back into well-trodden negative South Node patterns.

In this two-part webinar series, Mark establishes the main concepts of this technique and follows with suggested starting point descriptions for each planet in this placement.

4 hrs. | mp4 video plus pdf slideshows

Special package price – includes two full webinars – parts one and two.

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Marlene M.
Planets Square the Lunar Nodes

I was very impressed by the depth of Mark's insights, his thoughtful and thought-provoking ideas, and his immense compassion for the human journey. I was deeply moved, on a visceral level, as he expressed his own journey's path and the wisdom gained along the way. If you are interested in your own path, this program is your map.

Lena V.
Very informative class

Mark offers a unique and deep outlook on how squares to the nodes may express themselves. Not your typical cook book! Simply amazing! Loved every minute of it!

A Astrology University Customer
Kristine B.

This class adds tremendous depth to the work I already do. Mark's perspective is brilliant. Thank you!

United States
Description Unclear

I was expecting that all the planets and houses would be discussed and that was not the case at all. The information is pertinent and Mark is an excellent teacher.

Astrology University

Hi David. Thanks for taking the time to post a review. Our descriptions will say explicitly if the talks goes "through the signs" or "through the houses". If the description doesn't say so, as this one doesn't, it does not cover that kind of cookbook interpretation. Mark does give starting point examples for the planets, as the description states.

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