Uncovering Life Purpose in the Birthchart


Learn how to use the techniques of traditional astrology to identify life purpose in the natal chart. In this workshop, Demetra George guides you in a method that will simplify your work, once you grasp an understanding of the rules of the process. You’ll learn to employ the proper weight to the main symbols of life purpose in the chart.

In The Soul’s Code, psychologist James Hillman explains that each person has a pattern that leads them toward a certain purpose and destiny, and that this pattern exists from the moment of birth. When a person recognizes and lives out this purpose, it not only gives reason to one’s existence, but also enhances the well-being of others in the world. This workshop presents a clear and simple method specifically designed to uncover life purpose in the birth chart, pointing to how a person can best express their authentic self.

4 hours 45 min. | audio only plus slides and worksheet

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Sasha B.
So relevant

A clear and solid unfolding of what brings like purpose and how you can spot this in a natal chart. I also apriciated the supplimental written guide so that you can immediatly us the tools offered in this class.

Terrie V.
Uncovering the Life Purpose in the Birthchart

Another fascinating and eye opening lecture from Demetra George. After completing this lecture series I had an "Aha" moment and learned how to decipher my life purpose in my natal chart. This lecture series confirmed for me the suspicions I have been having about where the ruler of the Ascendant in my natal chart has been leading me to in this lifetime. As an intermediate astrology student, I find Demetra to be a great teacher. Her teaching style is rich in Mythology which brings me to a clearer understanding of the inner workings of my natal chart and she makes difficult concepts easy to understand for me. Demetra is by far my favorite Astrological instructor and I am looking forward to taking more of her lectures as I find them very affordable as well as convenient thanks to Astrology University's excellent online teaching platform! It suits my lifestyle perfectly.

Karen R.
Life Purpose

Such an amazing workshop with Demetra George, she is an incredible teacher and helped me to see so many new things in my chart. Highly recommended

Excellent class

The class made the topic easy to understand. Excellent structure which made me understand the subject in a clear manner. Also, the voice of the MP3 recording was really enjoyable. A clear and useful course. Thank you.

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