Our Divine Natal Agenda – Fate and Destiny Through the Lens of Astrology


with Hadley Fitzgerald

When we’re born, eternity meets time, and when we die, time meets eternity. The life in between is what C.G. Jung called “a luminous pause.” Astrologers use the natal chart to describe the nature of that pause: its purpose, its pattern, and the timing that will weave them into the experiences necessary for our evolution. We bring our chart with us when we incarnate into a body, into a multi-generational ancestral heredity, and into an epochal environment. Together these constitute our other DNA—our Divine Natal Agenda—and generate our fate—i.e., the things we must accept because we cannot change them. The courage we summon to change the things we can will move us toward our destiny, to the life we were born to live.

At specific times certain transits and progressions move inexorably through a life that might’ve seemed random, but is suddenly caught in the net of its own purpose. As humans who feel called to be astrologers, we regularly encounter clients when something has blocked, shocked, disoriented, and/or abducted them into a reality beyond their daily lives. In the process, multigenerational family ghosts may also emerge, and the usual denial mechanisms just don’t work anymore. At such times that luminous pause feels more like a long, dark night with no North Star in sight. There’s an intense and poignant yearning for a place in the world: Where do I belong? Who am I? Why is this happening? What does my soul want of me?

The natal chart grants us a deep dive into the mystery of the soul’s incarnation dilemmas, and yet it’s important that it not be seen as an isolated statement. Each chart has a context. You and the person next to you may each have a Moon-Pluto and a Sun-Saturn aspect; but your family dynamics and your time in history will have something to say about how you’re each fated to manifest those archetypal energies. When fate is pushing from behind, and destiny is standing up ahead at the crossroads, beckoning, how can we as astrologers  contextualize our own and our clients’ experiences and better serve the people who come to us for guidance?

Pre-recorded for instant download.

60 min. | includes video and audio

Originally included in the Destiny and Life Purpose Summit package.

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