Our Expanding Universe and Consciousness – Kuiper Belt Objects


Kelley Hunter introduces you to new planetoids emerging in the distant Kuiper Belt. In this new millennium, increasing discoveries near and beyond Pluto are being named for a global roster of intriguing underworld and indigenous creator gods and goddesses. Let’s consider the implications of this widening field of archetypal potentials for astrology and for awakening consciousness.

Whether or not you start using Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) in your astrological analysis, you should know about them. As we look more deeply at a few that are especially active in current planetary patterns, Kelley will make a case for expanding your astrological roster with at least one new archetype, sharing abbreviated sign listings of some of her favorites so you can choose what might be especially active in your chart.

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

1 hr. 30 min. | includes video, audio and slides

About Kelly Hunter

M. Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., C.A.P., enriches her decades of astrology practice with studies in depth psychology, mythology, cosmology, and consciousness, as well as 1001+ nights of star gazing. Author of Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine and Black Moon Lilith, her latest publication is Planetary Gods and Goddesses Coloring Book. An international astrology speaker, she regularly offers her services to healing and yoga studios, libraries, schools and such venues as Theosophical Society of America, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and the Omega Institute winter programs in the Caribbean. She enjoys the creative process as visual artist, dramatist and periodic poet. See more at www.heliastar.com; on FB: Kelley Hunter, AstroMythology; and Instagram, astromythkelley.

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Liz C.

I discovered this talk through another video by Pam Gregory and I'm so happy I did! I loved every minute of it and feel quite enriched by the experience. I can't wait to look at my chart and see where some of these objects fall. Kelley's love and enthusiasm for the topic is completely contagious!!

Christine M.
United States
I guess my consciousness is

I guess my consciousness is out in the ethers right now. A great class but my powers of description have gone AWOL

Julia L.
United Kingdom
Interesting Class

Good class, well taught but a bit rushed at the end. Would welcome pdf notes. Price point exactly right.

Adelaide P.
Kuiper Belt

I loved the Theme, and it was very well exposed by the astrologer Kelly Hunter, it was of very interest to me.

Alice K.
United States
Kuiper Belt Obhects

This class is a great introduction to the astronomy, astrology, mythology and meaning of these objects. Kelly covers a brief overview of thirteen objects. She gives the natal and transiting position of each one. You can select one that connects with your chart or the chart of a client. I found the object Quaoar connected to my natal Ascendant, and, the transit connected to my North Node. This gave a deeper meaning to who I am and my current role in life. These Kuiper Belt Objects [KBO's] highlight and enhance the meaning of the chart's message. Kelly presents this class in a clear, well organized presentation with lots of colorful slides. Even if you don't ever use the KBO's it is worthwhile information.

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