Libra in Myth and Psyche


In this webinar Jason Holley looks at myths that reveal underlying dynamics of the Libra archetype as part of his series on the 12 signs, myth and psyche.

Libra is the most recent zodiacal constellation in the Greco-Roman tradition, occupying a re-imagined space between its older neighbors Virgo and Scorpio. This webinar will explore how the images of the sign which have changed across time speak to the complexity of Libran consciousness, full of polarities and tensions: from the Claws of the Scorpion to the Balance held by the Virgin; from Themis, goddess of justice, to Eris, goddess of discord.

These changing images and the complexity of integrating them take us into the heart of the Libran situation of ‘between-ness’ and the preoccupation with others and otherness. Through creative arrangements and re-arrangements of the ancient constellation myths and the life stories of modern individuals, we will develop a nuanced and deeply aesthetic understanding of the psychological depths, and debts, of Libran signatures.

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

1 hr. 42 min. | includes video, audio and slides

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I found this presentation particularly meaningful because of my love of Wagner. Jason explains that the sign relates to the Goddess Themis/Gaya, bringer of divine order, advisor to the gods, and mother of the Fates. This mirrors the earth goddess, Erde in Das Rheingold, mother of the Norns (Fates) and divine counselor of Wotan (Zeus/Jupiter). Now I know where Wagner got his ideas! Thanks, Jason!!!! Brilliant, as always!

Libra in Myth and Psyche

I love listening to Jason talk about the myths and how they can be linked to the individual chart, thank you

Very happy

Jason’s work is always first class.

Cheryl M.
Enjoyed this very much

Jason's way of relating to the myths of the zodiac is working wonders for my understanding of these archetypes. Jason's insights are all new to me and add wonderfully to what I have learned in the past giving new meaning and depth to the current day environment I see around me.

Incredibly moving and insightful

Once again, another incredibly therapeutic and enlightening experience (after having this experience watching Jason's webinar on Capricorn which I also highly recommend). I had tears in my eyes several times. I am Libra Moon conjunct Pluto and the North Node. Side note - the work of art he shows and talks about - "the dinner party" - I saw at the Brooklyn Museum in 2008 with my best friend who is also Libra Moon so it was just incredible to hear about it from the context of being Libra - especially as the work of art is also Libra Moon! Both my friend and I were so affected by it on an unexplainable level and Jason helped me delve into that even more. Pure karmic genius! Can't wait for the one on Cancer. Slowly, the pieces of my grand Cardinal cross are being soothed and healed in my psyche thanks to these webinars. Beautiful.

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