Taurus in Myth and Psyche


with Jason Holley

In this webinar on the Taurus archetype, we complete our mythic tour of the ancient Circle of Animals. Like geological formations, the earth signs seem to have complex and distinct layers of stories within them, one covering the next across time. This is especially the case with the Bull motif, one of the most recurrent and richly elaborated in the ancient world. But also like geological formations, only the most recent layer tends to be visible in contemporary astrological theory. In this webinar, we will explore the elaborate stratigraphy of Taurus in Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Greco-Roman mythology – and also how the stories are reflected in the life stories of individuals with Taurus placements.

From the journey of Europa to Crete through to the appearance of the Minotaur, and with many twists and turns before and after, we will explore core psychological themes of the archetype including desire and its sublimation; fertility and barrenness; organicity and hybridity; survival and stuckness; preservation and hoarding; touch and isolation. Slowly and patiently sinking our hands into the loamy soils of myth, we will explore the many gems and stones that lay hidden in the seemingly solid earth.

Pre-recorded for instant access. 

1 hr. 46 min. | includes video, audio and slides

All Levels

Closed captioning version of streaming video available on request.

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Barbara S.
Taurus in Myth & Psyche

Jason Holley never disappoints. His interweaving of the astrological signs and the Greek myths that they are associated with is a history lesson in itself, not to be missed. You come away from his webinars with a much better, deeper understanding of what is behind the sign, why it is important and why we study it, and it seems that the deeper he gets into his subject, the better the webinar get. Two thumbs up for this class.

Jacqueline A.
A deep exploration of the Bull!

Jason's weaving of stories brings life to Taurus and the Bull like no one else I've met. A new exploration of classic tales with all the open air of fresh ideas ready to take flight. Thank you for Jason for your heart and wisdom as you explore the earthly abyss where my Sun, Jupiter, and Juno are all at home.

all about mythology

excellent access to greek mythology - there could be more examples showing the link between astrology and mythology in everyday life - in dreams. So that it is visible that the archtypes are present at all times.

Taurus in Myth and Psyche

I love Jason's depth and thoroughness. A lot of information and inspiration to return to a number of time. Definitely not a one time listen.

Ali V.
Amazing- Holley is a gem

This entire series is worth the investment if you’re interested in archetypal insights as well as the psychology. I thoroughly enjoyed this!

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