Pisces in Myth and Psyche


The Resilience of Love and Life in the Changing of the Epochs

This webinar expands our understanding of the Pisces archetype through close reading and original interpretation of the Greek myth of the constellation: the flight of Aphrodite and Eros from the terrible monster Typhon.

This myth offers perspective on both familiar and less familiar dimensions of the sign Pisces. We will explore less-discussed details of the story and how they offer a vivid portrayal of complex psychodynamics involved in Pisces placements, using case studies drawn from long-term psychotherapy. With its modern ruler Neptune currently in domicile, this story – which takes place at a shifting of the epochs in Greek mythology – has remarkable relevance for understanding the present historical moment.

This is a pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

1 hr. 25 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Jason talks with Tony about his new 12-part webinar series on the signs:

Jason HolleyAbout Jason Holley
Jason is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LPCC) and a faculty member at Southwestern College, a consciousness-oriented graduate school awarding masters degrees in Counseling and Art Therapy. He works with astrology as an adjunct to psychotherapy — a way of hearing from the psyche akin to work with dreams and images. He lectures in Santa Fe and at national and regional astrology conferences. http://www.jasonholley.net/

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Liz C.
Wonderful series!!

I love this series and how Jason Holley so beautifully brings these myths to life through his telling of them and sharing related imagery! I have strong Neptune in my chart and received a lot of insight, especially around my shadow. Wonderful stuff! So excited for the Aries episode next month!!

Great Presentation

Seeing this presentation really helped me understand the sign of Pisces on a whole new level. Not only do I understand the sign more as it relates to my chart and my family members, but also as it relates to the United States Selbey chart and the Age of Pisces as well. I also loved the artwork, especially the detail of the Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt.

Pisces in Myth and Payche

Absolutely wonderful to help understand Pisces and the myth that correlates with it.

Pisces myth and psyche

I thought the lecture captured the essence of Pisces... I have a Pisces rising and some of Jason’s statements were exactly what I have said in the past.

Cheryl M.

Jason's insights here are having an effect on my allergies.... I have only had this webnar a week and as I grasp more of this myth as amplified by Jason the more apparent my personal connection to my allergies..... improving fast 🙂

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