Interpreting Children’s Charts in your Astrological Practice


Special Considerations and Pitfalls

Why do people want a chart for their baby? It is a newborn child, parents cannot yet see if you are right or wrong. What can you tell the parent and what not? How about ethics? And how about the psyche of the astrologer?

We will both look at difficulties you can face in interpreting the chart itself, and analyze in-depth all kinds of problems and pitfalls. These insights plus solutions will help you to make the interpretation of the chart of a young child a real gift for the parents.

with Karen Hamaker-Zondag

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download. 

90 min. | includes video and audio

Level: Intermediate


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Children's chart

This class has so many amazing information. I can highly recommend it.

Tatiana B.
Great workshop!

It was helpful to watch this workshop. Karen touched on some important ethical questions in offering consultations for parents, a few challenges and solutions. Even if I personally found what resonated with me strongly, that workshop does not offer interprepations and many examples with planetary positions which would also be helpful. I feel like I'd like to learn much more from Karen, the unstructor about how she works with parents and children's charts. The workshop is good for those who have some experience in astrology and consulting / counseling / coaching. Overall I think it is a must-watch for anyone interested in the topic and astrological counseling in general. Special thank you for the presentation (slides)!

A Astrology University Customer
Pat F.
Be cautious if asked to read the chart of a child

This is a good and informative webinar that tells you a great deal about the potential pitfalls of reading a child's chart and thus, areas to be very cautious about. The ethics of astrology are especially important when dealing with children and it's a good idea to be educated about this. There is some information about particular planetary placements but it is not mainly about this. There is a great deal of food for thought that is offered.

Alexandra S.
Great introduction

In this webinar Karen Hamaker-Zondag focuses on potential shadow sides in the parent-astrologer relationship and ethical issues that might arise when interpreting children's charts. These general considerations are indispensible for any astrologer, aspiring or seasoned (and in fact for any consultation). I personally found the section on synastry between the parents and their children the most helpful for my astrological practice because looking at the synastry can answer some of the vexing questions that parents often have in their day-to-day experience with their children. Some of Karen's books have become a valuable reference tool in my astrolgocial practice, so I'd love to hear more from her about how she communicates sensitive issues to parents, sharing more detailed examples from her vast experience. I hope there will be a part II of this webinar!

Interpreting Children's charts

Karen Hamer-Zondag is overall an excellent teacher. Her teaching style is easy to understand and very practical in nature. She is definitely an expert in her field. .

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