Diving into the Darkness – The 8th and 12th Houses


The topics of the 8th and 12th houses are some of the most abstract in your birth chart and can be tricky to understand. In this webinar with Kelly Surtees, we’ll explore why these ‘dark’ houses have such a terrible (and undeserved!) reputation, and how planets in the 8th and 12th houses will really influence your life.

You’ll learn the origins of the topics of the 8th and 12th houses, which were originally known as the house of death and the house of Mala Daemon (bad spirit) respectively. You’ll discover why they are associated with the topics and concepts that they are and learn the true meaning of these often misunderstood places.

You’ll also see chart examples of successful individuals who have planets in the 8th and 12th houses, and learn how to interpret these truly profound houses with depth, insight and understanding. Surprisingly, you might be inspired by how much rich insight about important, but often ignored or overlooked topics, the 8th and 12th houses can provide.

If you’ve ever been stuck for what to say about the 8th or 12th houses, or found yourself grasping for words to describe the meaning of planets placed in or associated with the 8th and 12th houses, this webinar will provide you with the tips and guidance you need.

Pre-recorded and available for instant download.

1 hr. 37 min. | includes video, transcript, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate

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This was excellent! As a person with sun, and a lot of planets in the 8th house, it was very helpful to get an in-depth look to understand this house in ways that don’t feel so scary. I wish it was longer!

Fascinating Subject

Kelly is an awesome teacher. Very organized and plenty of chart examples. She explains the importance of rulerships and how to look at aspects to/from planets in these houses. Follow up with her webinar on Planets in the 12th.


The clarity with which Kelley teaches is so helpful. She never presumes the understanding of her students and never speaks over our heads while not boring those students who are more advances. She amazes me.

Susan H.
Clear, supportive distinctions

I have thick, firsthand experience with 12th and 8th house territory, as do many of my friends and colleagues. Kelly's distinctions were the clearest I've come across so far (after reading many Evolutionary and Hellenistic astro-books, getting readings from Western & Vedic astrologers, & following the Astrology Podcast, etc.. Kelly also validated my sense that these houses constellate a broad array of experiences and life themes that point to illumined wisdom, healing, aliveness, and service, rather than to damning 'darkness'. Thank you for transmitting this 'both/and' perspective with integrity and compassion.

Kaia H.

This webinar, in tandem, with the 12th house webinar, were both so insightful and mind blowing. Kelly is an incredible teacher. I absolutely loved them and hope to see more!

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