How to Identify Dominant Chart Signatures


Learn quick and easy ways to identify a dominant planet or aspect in a birth chart. What special signatures can the planets provide?

Discover how to incorporate house rulerships and traditional tips into natal work. Explore the practical and symbolic links between birth chart features and personality.

Join Kelly Surtees to take a deeper look at special signatures in a chart, including the most important planet(s) and aspect(s) to better understand what makes someone tick.

Available for instant download. Recorded at the UAC conference 2018.

1 hr. 12 min. | includes audio file, slides and handout


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Galina K.


I have never seen this kind of approach to look at the natal chart. Kelly is absolutely phenomenal! The way she approaches different points in the chart and the way she explains things is so easy to understand and makes it very clear to follow. Highly recomend it!


Amazing, more chart reading tips classes like this, please!

I've been seriously studying Traditional Astrology for the last couple of months and having a hard time understanding how Sect, Triplicity, Term(Bound), etc work in a chart. This lecture by Kelly came to the rescue at the right time. Thanks to her crisp, easy to understand, upbeat explanation and well-made slides, now I have much more confidence in spotting the focal planet of a chart and read it traditionally. Amazing lecture. No wonder Kelly is so popular an instructor here at Astrology University; she has great skills of making Traditional Astrology accessible and friendly to us beginning students! By the way, after listening to this, I re-listened to the lecture she delivered for the Destiny Summit last fall. (Back then, I hadn't got bitten by a Traditional Astrology bug yet and didn't quite appreciate how great it really was. ) I'm so glad I did. Sure, some of the charts she chose for the Destiny Summit talk were the same ones as in the UAC 2018 lecture. (e.g. Prince Harry) But she made sure to read them from completely different angles and add something new, which resulted in very rich interpretation when combined. Thanks a lot, Kelly! Next on my wish list is her (and Tony's) webinar on Brene Brown. I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

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