Fixed Stars – Power and Success


What is a fixed star? How is it different from a planet? What can a fixed star do for you?

Discover the power of fixed stars in astrology and see which fixed star stories are woven into your birth chart.

You’ll learn:

  • Which fixed stars have the most power
  • How to connect a fixed star to your birth chart
  • Which fixed star myths will influence your life – and when

Fixed stars can be used in natal astrology and with timing, including with transits, progressions and in return charts.

You’ll also get a list of some of the most important fixed stars to use, including keywords for each and their Zodiac degrees.

Join Kelly for an inspiring lecture that will help you add depth and insight to your chart work.

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.
1 hr. 49 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate
House System Used: Whole Sign

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Caroline S.
Excellent introduction, prompting deeper research

This was a thorough and inspiring introduction to the Fixed Stars. I experience my birth chart as a sort of 3D Advent calendar: as each new window is opened, more of the picture is revealed. This has followed a particular sequence for me: basic chart + Chiron + Asteroids and now...Fixed Stars! The webinar has inspired me to read Bernadette Brady's book and to order my fixed star placements. Thank you Kelly and the Astrology University?

Catherine S.
default default
Kelly on fixed stars

A well organized and easy to understand introduction, complete with book recommendations.

Frances L.
Very Interesting!

I was new to the concept of fixed stars and as usual Kelly did a great job explaining the idea and giving wonderful examples. She is truly a gifted teacher.

Ali V.
Fixed stars

Loved this Fixed Star webinar. As someone born on Algol w a child born on Spica- it put a lot in perspective. Thank you, Kelly

Margaret J.
Fixed Stars -Kelly Surtees

This was great—a wonderful intro into how fixed stars can be worked with as part of chart delineation. I have used parans, but was curious about how to work w longitude…which is what Kelly shows here—referencing ancient texts. I so appreciate her clarity and thoughtfulness.

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