Introduction to Electional Astrology – Choosing a Great Date


Picking the right time to do something can help you align your intentions with the flow and feeling in the cosmos. That’s called “electional astrology”. And though it sounds complicated, there are simple rules you can start using today to help pick a more auspicious moment for almost any important event.

Choosing a great time is also a simple act of astrological magic, which can give you an edge in life, whatever your goals. You can “elect” a date or time for just about anything, whether it’s to start a new project at work or an important event in your personal life.

Join Kelly Surtees for an introduction to the most useful basic rules of electional astrology she’s found to have the best results, and learn some simple steps you can take to pick the right date or time to undertake almost anything.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.
1 hr. 50 min. | includes video, audio, slides, and chat document

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Great Intro to Electional Astrology

I found this class easy to follow and very informative, having only studied modern astrology I found some parts hard to understand but I feel like I will get them watching it a few times over

Rhys C.
Excellent overview

There are many things to keep in mind when doing elections, and it can get a little complicated... Kelly Surtees' class is an excellent introduction, she has a wonderfully clear and fluid way of presenting, clearing our way through the dark thickets of complexity into the sunlight of the clear and simple! There is always more to learn, of course, but Kelly's introduction is a greaty way to start. Highly recommended!

Cynea P.
United States
Introduction to Electional Astrology

The instructor of this class was outstanding. Easy to follow and engaging for any level of student. I had never had a class with Kelly before and was pleasantly suprised at her professionalism. Thank you for sharing, Kelly.

Nancy B.
United States
Electional Astrology

Very interesting and engaging.

S. Charlesworth
Florida, United States
Best Class in a Long Time

That was the best class that I have taken in a long time. Kelly really knows her "stuff." I would definitely take another class from her.

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