Relationship Astrology Intro Course


In this 4-module online astrology class you’ll learn relationship astrology, including working out compatibility and love cycles.

Ideally,  you’ll already have a good understanding of the natal chart, especially aspects, as well as transits and progressions.

Bring your curiousity about how astrology shows love, romance and general connection – or not! – between two people.

In this four part class on relationship  astrology, you’ll learn:

  • what synastry is and how to use it
  • how to determine temperament, and its role relationships
  • important timing cycles that affect relationships, including relationship transits and progressions
  • the role of a meeting or marriage chart
  • how to provide a relationship consult for a client, friend or family member

You’ll discover how to determine emotional, physical, sexual, family and professional connection using planetary interactions between charts.

Dynamic techniques like transits and progressions, and their impact on relationships, will also be explored.

You’ll gain confidence to use astrology to help explore relationship topics with clients, and better understand how astrology can help create connections based on understanding and support.

Tips and techniques for relationship astrology will be explained using practical examples. By the end of this module you will be ready to provide insights and information about relationship tendencies and timing using astrology.

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Relationship Astrology class with Kelly Surtees

Kelly is a really great teacher and provided a ton of helpful information, and much food for thought. The only constructive comment I would have is that the student Q & A section is not that actively reviewed for additional comments from Kelly. But the best feature of this, and all the classes, is that they can be reviewed as many times as one would wish- extremely helpful, especially re-viewing the class videos.

Lynda F.
Loved it!

Kelly brings such enthusiasm and wisdom to her classes. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and look forward to taking more.

Julia H.

Kelly Surtees is super knowledgeable on this subject, and is terrific at imparting her wisdom. Her feedback on the homework assignments was both encouraging and helpful in refining my skills. I'd highly recommend this course!

Great practical techniques & such a fun learning experience!

I knew this would be a great course when from day 1, Kelly was so eager to get started, she was like a kid a Christmas! Her enthusiasm for teaching is evident and her curiosity is infectious. She makes learning fun and is so generous with sharing her knowledge and experience. I learned so many practical methods about Relationship astrology in ways that I can immediately gain further insight into my own relationships and those of my clients. I've taken many excellent courses from Astrology University and this was my favorite. Looking forward to more of Kelly's courses in the future!

Signee H.
Relationship depth

Excellent course. Valuable way of looking at the couple dynamic. Kelly has a knack of explaining concepts so the topic is relatable. She’s sunny, happy and a joy to listen to. She loves her topic material and wants to share her knowledge.

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