Introduction to Relationship Astrology


In this live webinar, you’ll discover your personal relationship planet and learn how to assess how well it’s working. You’ll also hear strategies about how to activate this planet. Then, we’ll dive into the main tool of astrology and compatibility: synastry.

You’ll learn how to compare your chart to someone else’s, and discover what kinds of relationship needs and traits different planetary aspects and combinations create. You’ll see how astrology reveals the ways two people can love, inspire, care for – or even annoy – each other. Every relationship has strong and weak points. Comparing your birth chart to another person’s chart is the key to understanding how you can take advantage of the best connections between the two of you, and manage any of the challenges you might share.

Synastry can be used for love relationships, but the same techniques also for work, family and other types of relationships too. We’ll also spend a brief amount of time exploring how transits can influence the timing of relationships.


1 hr. 45 min. mp4 video plus pdf. Includes bonus audio-only recording.
Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

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Very useful insights

Clear and entertaining.

Karu w.
United States
Another great class from Astro U

If you like fun and engaging astrology classes packed with tons of useful and accessible information structured in a simple yet powerful way, then this is for you! Kelly has taken a complex subject and given a masterful breakdown of techniques to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos contained within the synastry of two charts.

sarah s.
United States

excellent - really enjoyed the presentation, very informative, practical and full of great insight.

Laura l.
United States

Not ce, new take on subject.

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