Exploring Ancestry with Derived Houses


In this webinar, Melanie Reinhart will demonstrate the use of “Derived Houses” (sometimes called “Turning the Chart”) within natal astrology.

By applying Derived Houses we can ‘track’ members of our immediate family and deeper ancestors, sometimes with surprising precision. This enables us to locate on our own chart their themes, stories and symbols, and to understand more clearly how we might be participating in their unfoldment or resolution.

Familiarity with the correspondences attributed to the houses enables us to see personal and astrological significance across different levels of meaning. Transits of the outer planets sometimes energize one house for a long time, revealing several levels of symbolism which in turn may help us make sense of what we are experiencing.

Some basic knowledge of planets, houses and signs will be assumed.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.

1 hr. 48 min. | includes video, audio, slides and handouts

Level: Intermediate

*Includes bonus video “Making Sense of Derived Houses” with Eve Dembowski. Eve presents a systematic teaching on derived houses from a traditional perspective. 60 min.

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Derived Houses: Melanie Reinhart

Like all of Melanie Reinhart’s work, this class is a unique blend of well honed technical precision , highly tuned intuition, mastery of language and images, inured with a kind of joyful wisdom.

Sheila R.
Rich, evocative, profound

Melanie Reinhart covers the basic principles of derived houses but then does a deep dive into exploring familial and ancestral links connections through the natal chart. She also presents a fascinating (and new to me) approach to using the consultation chart, using the Asc as the astrologer, with a great example. Very rich insights.

Jan B.
Ancestry themes

This was one of the first times I have looked at ways to connect with themes from our ancestors. I found it fascinating and doable ...will listen to it again to have a better grasp on all that was offered. I thought it to be clear on the intent of ancestry work but was very please do to have another class follow up on derived house use. Thanks Tony they both were great learning tools to have!

Beverly W.
Don’t miss Melanie Reinhart’s Classes, she brings heart, wisdom and clarity to our Sacred Art.

Melanie Reinhart is one of my favorite Astrologers. Anytime there is a class with her, I feel blessed take the class, it is my honor to learn Astrology from her depth, and her perspective. Yes, I was surprised to find ancestors as one of the main themes. However, I still enjoyed the course. Thank you for making this available. Beverly Winfield

Anybody Home?

Really an eye opener seeing where anyone and everyone lives in a chart. Very, very informative. Good presenter as always,

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