A Kairos Moment – How Astrology Helps Us Navigate Our Dramatic Times


The Earth community now faces a threshold of transformation that bears a striking resemblance to what takes place in initiatory rites of passage, near-death experiences, spiritual crises, and critical stages of what Jung called the individuation process.

Can we find a place of equilibrium, an eye in the storm, from which we can engage this time of intense polarization and radical change? What unique gifts does astrology offer us in navigating this dramatic age?

Audio lecture with Richard Tarnas.

Available for instant download. Recorded at the 2018 UAC conference.

1 hr. 10 min. | audio file

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Richard Tarnas is brilliant

Audio could be better, but the content is great.

Francine Z.
Initiatory Transformation of Our Age

Richard Tarnas discusses that the astrological community is an heroic community. We study and help birth cosmic consciousness from the inchoate mass of ideas, studying and interpreting planetary and cosmic cycles of transformation. This is done through the individual natal chart, but also has resonance on a larger scale. The astrological community acts as a "numinous matrix" and we are birthing ensouled cosmic love and healing, this divine collective spiritual vision. Note to self: read Cosmos and Psyche. I have an intuition that this ensouled cosmic energy is more accessible individually where the Galactic Center falls in one's natal chart (about 27 Sag,) Just a thought. The whole system is sacred, and we are on the edge of another initiation, a transformation of our age.

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