Holographic Transits


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Robert Blaschke presents a lecture on his unique technique called “holographic transits.”

Transit technique is evolving from the fourth dimension of time cycles into the fifth dimension of holographic replication of spatial cycles. The Sun, as the central star of our solar system, is the indispensable integrating force for all planetary energies, and arbitrates one’s fate and free will. Phase angle returns of the Sun and the natal planets provide clients with precise dates for when to align free will with Higher Self and make empowered choices.

BONUS! Includes 2 lectures for the price of one. You’ll get 2 versions of this recording, one from 2006 and a second from the 2008 UAC conference.

1 hr. 17 min. and 1 hr. 19 min. (2 files) | mp3 audio download | includes handouts
Proceeds from the sale of this lecture benefit Robert’s family.

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