Intermediate Astrology – A Language of Life


Intermediate-level astrology course with Robert Blaschke. This course follows Robert’s Beginning Astrology course. This is one of the best, most thorough astrology courses you’ll find. Robert was a gifted teacher, and popular for a reason – his classes were systematic, clear, and easy to follow. As one reviewer of his beginner course shared with us, there is such a wealth of valuable material here that it holds up to repeat listens.

This intermediate course covers:

  • Week 1: Retrograde Planets
  • Week 2: Transits
  • Week 3: Progressions
  • Week 4: Lunar Nodes and Life Purpose
  • Week 5: Relationship Analysis Techniques
  • Week 6: Aspects and 360-Degree Cycle Analysis
  • Week 7: Solar Returns
  • Week 8: Rulerships, Interceptions and Dispositors*

16 hrs. 32 min. | includes original class handouts
*Note: Robert reads student charts during this session and those charts are not included in the handouts. The handout for lesson 8 is not included. A handout for his Holographic Transits work is included instead.

Proceeds from the sale of this lecture benefit Robert’s family.

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