The Four Nets – Preparing Timing Readings


Steven Forrest teaches how to prepare an astrological timing reading using his popular “four nets” technique, outlined in his book The Changing Sky.

Solar arc Neptune might be moving through a semi-square to your natal Mercury. Is that worth talking about? It definitely has meaning. But what if transiting Saturn is conjuncting your Sun at the same time? That Saturn event is whole orders of magnitude more significant. If you give them equal time, you’ve suffered a grievous loss of perspective. If you are working with a client and you have only an hour or two, you might have made a real blunder. It might have been wiser to forget that minor solar arc entirely and devote more time to the rich field of meaning symbolized by that epochal Saturn event.

In the practical world of astrology, these kinds of editorial judgment calls are critical. They must be made intelligently and strategically. No one can talk about “everything.” There simply isn’t enough time.

Steven’s system, termed “The Four Nets,” presents a model for sorting through the many possible planetary configurations that arise in any transits and progressions reading. This is a strategic, orderly, and effective method for organizing one’s approach to a transits/progressions analysis. It puts the necessary bridge between abstract, piecemeal theory and the realities of the counseling room. These skills mark the major distinction between a perpetual student of astrology and an effective, professional-level astrological counselor.

This audio class updates The Four Nets in the context of what Steven has learned since The Changing Sky was first published in 1986.

2 hrs. 12 min. mp4 | audio-only download | Includes pdf slideshow

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