Co-Creating Happy Endings


with Steven Forrest

“And she lived happily ever after” – people laugh at the line a lot today, but sometimes life works out exactly that way. In the old days, astrologers would credit Jupiter for such merry outcomes, while blaming Saturn if things turned out rotten. It’s never really been that simple.

In this lecture, Steven will share a quick overview of a handful of true astrological stories about things turning out well. You’ll see how people making wise or brave choices – even with Saturn – is how the magic works. Completing the triangle of cocreation, sometimes the astrologer – acting more like a coach than an oracle – can really make a difference too. We all love a happy ending. Here’s how to create them…

Pre-recorded for instant download.

60 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Originally included in the Breakthrough and Transformation Summit package.

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