Love’s Three Faces – Houses Five, Seven and Eight


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Steven Forrest presents a pre-recorded audio class on the significance of houses five, seven and eight regarding the topic of relationship. These three houses have multi-faceted meanings, and in this webinar we focus specifically on relationship dynamics.

Deep lifetime bonding, passing love affairs, emotional epiphanies and emotional disasters—how can we sort them out? Astrology can help! Houses Five, Seven, and Eight carry the DNA of each of these intimate patterns. Knowledge of the exact energies they represent in you can help you see through the hormonal fog. They can assist you in understanding what kinds of relationships are right for you and what kinds are toxic, however tempting they might be. They can define your natural mate. They can help you know which of your needs you can safely compromise and what needs are essential to your soul and thus non-negotiable.

In this audio recording, Steven explores the meaning of planets and signs connected with houses five, seven and eight. The emphasis is on teaching the principles of interpretation, illustrated with many examples. Though Steven does not look at all of the planets in each house, he provides several examples that will set you on the road of interpretation yourself. The focus here is on making conscious, healthy choices rather than on deadening prediction or rigid “delineation.”

Audio class available for instant download. 

2 hours | audio plus slides

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Awesome Class !!!

Really helped me to understand a dynamic I was going through in a relationship which actually means a lot to me, yet was not unfolding to what I would consider "full potential realized". The insights I gained helped me to make some shifts in how I show up in the relationship and it seems like it makes all the difference now. So I really like this class and might listen to it again soon, just to make sure I don't forget again.

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