All Things Lunar – The Moon Intensive


In this workshop, we will deeply and technically consider the Moon from the common perspective of signs, houses, and aspects. Also includes the lunar phases, declination, speed and “out of bounds” Moon.

To follow the Moon down into our hearts is a journey into that second reality we all inhabit: the interior psychic world. Commonly, astrologers teach us not to expect “rationality” from the Moon, and yet in actuality the lunar realm does have its own patterns and laws which are ultimately as valid and reliable as the outward “Solar” laws governing gravity, the stock market, and traffic lights. Going further, in our daily waking lives, the Moon is always there, coloring our interpretations of what we call “reality.” And in sleep, we surrender utterly to it.

Thus all human beings actually spend more of the hours of their lives navigating the lunar world than the solar one. Yet our culture systematically de-values, ignores, and trivializes the Moon. Why? The clues to this riddle unfold against a shifting backdrop of epochal changes in our cultural relationship to what we were taught to call “the Feminine,” forgetting that men have Moons too!

One of the experiences we have in the lunar realm is that our souls collide with ghosts from our past—and that includes the ghosts of our collective history as well as those of our individual pasts, both developmentally and karmically. Please join us as we reclaim the half of the sky and the half of ourselves that we have all been trained to forget.

Taking care of the Moon in ourselves is the same as taking care of our hearts and souls. It is the secret of happiness. Unraveling its messages requires that we release ourselves from the strictures of reason and instead learn its mysterious, nonlinear, trans-logical language. “Being in touch with our feelings” is only one part of it. Creativity, dreams, healing and being healed—these are all lunar topics too, as are intuition, family, and “the Mother,” both literally and archetypally.

In this workshop, we will deeply and technically consider the Moon from the common perspective of signs, houses, and aspects. Based on Steven’s work, “The Book of the Moon,” we will explore in depth the mostly forgotten mystery of the Moon’s eight phases. We will do this both in the context of the natal chart and in terms of progressions.

We will introduce major, usually overlooked pieces of the astrological puzzle, as well as the natal Moon’s speed, its declination, and the so-called “Out of Bounds” Moon, which can exist natally or by progression.

17 hours | includes video and audio files plus all course handouts

Recorded in 2017 at Steven’s North Carolina Apprentice Program retreat.

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