The North Node Path of Evolution



Steven Forrest presents a webinar on the North Node symbolism using his time-tested method.

Sometimes an astrologer can get so mesmerized by the process of bringing a past-life story to sharp focus via the analysis of the south node of the Moon that he or she almost forgets about the north node! That’s like diagnosing an illness but then forgetting to prescribe the medicine.

The north node is where the answers lie. Like the north star, it guides us across life’s dark oceans, revealing the fresh path of energy, breakthrough, and evolution. An understanding of it is perhaps the single most precious catalyst astrology can provide anyone.

In this webinar, we will consider the north node’s message in terms of each of the signs and houses, along with the critical role of its planetary ruler and any aspects involved. By the way, to get maximum value from this presentation, please be aware of the basics of south node analysis. We will assume that you have that foundation.

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

2 hrs. 6 min. | includes video, pdf slideshow and bonus audio-only file

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Nina C.

Steven Forrest is a brilliant teacher, what more do I need to say? Thank you

Steven of course is a well seasoned astrologer (world famous) and teacher, he moves through a lot of material at some pace, while really keeping things clear and on point, bringing pretty miraculous insights that weave together very well in the end, substantial.

Teresa M.

Invaluable instruction on North Node significations

Yet again invaluable astrological insight from Steven Forrest - a grounded yet wide angled viewing lense into the significations of the NN in the natal chart. Mr Forrest is one of the best astrological teachers in my book - down to earth yet full of deep far out wisdom at the same time.

Danielle S.

Better understanding of how EA approach can help

This webinar has helped me to better understand how the evolutionary astrologer discerns the evolutionary path of an individual. Steven has clear methods and you can tell he has spent years fine-tuning his system to help the client make some sense of how karma is present in our lives and how one can make better choices. Coming from an academic study of astrology, I am still new to EA and trying to understand what it has to offer to help people. I would say this webinar is very excellent for that purpose. You can tell Steven is purposely keeping the material simple and clear so that more people can understand his methods. This class has given me much to contemplate. Some things he says here have shown me that I spent the first half of my life replaying my South Node! I like how he ends on a realistic and positive note. Good teacher--we are fortunate to have him.

Teresa G.


I am an astrologer and I really look for his point of view. It helps me understand more profoundly!!!!

Judith E.
United States


I found the ideas Stephen Forrest expressed in this video to be very clear and easy to understand and to apply. His insight was exceptional and very entertainig.

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