Speed Reading the Karmic Signature


For his best-selling book BLINK, Malcolm Gladwell used the subtitle, “the power of thinking without thinking.” He makes a strong case for the wisdom hidden in first impressions – pure intuition, unhampered by the wrinkled brow of laborious deduction. Can we apply that breezy principle to figuring out someone’s karmic signature?

No one should memorize a few keywords and get their astrological business cards printed up. But, with some knowledge, an effective strategy – and  skill at surfing intuition’s mysterious waves – your ability to get to the heart of the prior life story can go through the roof.

In this webinar, we explore a quick, one-size-fits-all procedure for “glancing” at a nodal structure and drawing accurate conclusions about the karma that has ripened in this present lifetime. When astrology becomes too academic, the heart shuts down – and that is a shame since your heart can often see things “in the first two seconds” that your head might still miss after an hour of fussy analysis.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download. 

1 hr. 52 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate

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Jacqueline W.
Speed reading the karmic signature

Steven Forrest provides insights into astrology in such a fluid and comprehensible manner. A soft soul with a bright bright mind...beautiful. So honoured to learn from him.

Jayne L.
Excellent Overview of Karma in the Chart

Steven Forrest delivered a very clear, well organized and easy to understand presentation. Good use of time and I appreciate his perspective.

Fantastic shortcut

I found this cours a nice shortcut compaired to the book yesterdays sky although the title would be more precise concentrating on the south node story. Pablo Picasso’s south node story was a wonderful insight how much prior life story could influence the persons drive and dealings.

Eric K.
Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity

Oliver Wendel Holmes pinpointed the kind of model we need to do this karmic work when he said, “I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.” That’s what Steven has done. All those decades of learning distilled in a simple (but not simple-minded) set of steps. There were nuances that I didn’t catch when reading his excellent Yesterday’s Sky. Some come through the tone and tempo of his voice which transmit mastery. This Virgo found it thrilling.

Thomas M.
Excellent Session - For Every Library

Steven was totally on for this one! an excellent look not only at the science of his insight to evolutionary astrology, or as he says “the chart behind the chart,” but he brilliantly shows the art form of astrology by walking through Picasso’s chart showing his past karma brought forward and leaving clues all over his chart. Yes…this one you should get and memorize!

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