Speed Reading the Karmic Signature


For his best-selling book BLINK, Malcolm Gladwell used the subtitle, “the power of thinking without thinking.” He makes a strong case for the wisdom hidden in first impressions – pure intuition, unhampered by the wrinkled brow of laborious deduction. Can we apply that breezy principle to figuring out someone’s karmic signature?

No one should memorize a few keywords and get their astrological business cards printed up. But, with some knowledge, an effective strategy – and  skill at surfing intuition’s mysterious waves – your ability to get to the heart of the prior life story can go through the roof.

In this webinar, we explore a quick, one-size-fits-all procedure for “glancing” at a nodal structure and drawing accurate conclusions about the karma that has ripened in this present lifetime. When astrology becomes too academic, the heart shuts down – and that is a shame since your heart can often see things “in the first two seconds” that your head might still miss after an hour of fussy analysis.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download. 

1 hr. 52 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate