Transcript – Planets Square the Nodes


This is a written transcript of a webinar in which Steven considers the meaning of planets that square the lunar nodes. The material is based on his bestselling book, Yesterday’s Sky: Astrology and Reincarnation.

Any planet squaring the nodal axis represents something or someonethat created a problem for you in a prior life. To use the grief-stricken language of older forms of astrology, this thing afflicted you. Maybe that means it annoyed you. Maybe it killed you. In any case, it left a painful mark on your soul.

In this present lifetime, the ghost of that planet still haunts you. Its damage was left unresolved. You put it on the cosmic VISA card and now the bill is due. The karma has ripened. You are ready to deal with it. And if that planet does in fact represent a person, you will very likely meet him or her again in this lifetime.

29 pages | pdf

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