Lunar Nodes – Special Cases


Join Steven Forrest for a webinar on special configurations of the lunar nodes.

Anyone who has read Steven Forrest’s book, Yesterday’s Sky: Astrology and Reincarnation, has the basic tools to begin to understand how unresolved karma from a prior lifetime appears in the present birth chart – and of course leaves its fingerprints on the present life. But certain configurations of the lunar nodes present added layers of complexity, intensity and interpretive challenge.

In this class, Steven explains how he works in these unique situations.

What if –
  • the ruler of the north node is conjunct the south node – or vice versa?
  • the south node is in Gemini but the 9th House, while the north node is in Sagittarius but the 3rd house?
  • there are few or no aspects to the nodal axis?
  • the south node lies in Scorpio, Aquarius, or Pisces and thus is ruled by two planets?
  • Pluto is conjunct, square or opposing the South Node?

Steven spends time with each of these cases, leaving you with fine-tuned tools for interpretation.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.

1 hr. 57 min. | includes video, audio and slides

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Raymond S.

Lunar Nodes - Special Cases

very good as usual

United States

Lunar Nodes

Great! Steve Forrest is awesome! Lecture is comprehensive and applicable.

Serena S.

Live Webinar: Lunar Nodes - Special Cases

I really enjoyed this class, although, being English my second language, I sometimes found it hard to understand certain expressions and sentences. I have spoken, read and written English over a decade now, but I still found the webinar hard to follow sometimes. The positive side is that I enriched my vocabulary :) Thank you, Serena


a legend

How was my overall experience using the item? (???) I will ignore that question and instead share my thoughts about the class. I've waited a long time to experience Steven Forrest in person (living abroad as i do), and wasnt disappointed at all in him, his expression and his perspective. He lived up to the hype i'd created in my head about his being a true Elder and Wise Man. That said, my idea of "Special Cases" to the nodes is different, apparently, than Steven's. The issue that made me sign up for the class (conjunct rulers) *was discussed as a Q & A*, when I imagined that it would be Special Case #1 (and that opposed rulers would be #2). It was worth the cost of the class to experience such a legend live, but there wasnt as much for me in it, information-wise.

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