Stepping Outside the Box with Mars Out of Bounds – Part 1


When planets are “out of bounds” they carry a unique quality of energy that shapes their motivation and expression. This energy can accentuate or give a sense of freedom to the qualities that planet represents. In this webinar Tony will shine a light on Mars out of bounds using several insightful chart examples that will give you a sense of the broad range of possibilities inherent in this placement.

Not sure what “out of bounds” means? No problem! Tony will explain what this technique is and how to easily find it and apply it at the beginning of the webinar, and then we’ll dive into charts.

Tony will present this info in two parts. In this first part, he’ll introduce Mars out of bounds, explain the general meaning, and cover several major themes. In part two he reveals more patterns including “fighting for a cause,” explores the shadow expressions in more depth, and also looks at world events.

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

1 hr. 33 min. | includes video, pdf slideshow and bonus audio-only file

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Makayla d.
Super Insightful

This class was super insightful, even as an individual who is new to learning how astrology works. Explanations are given for everything, and I learned what out of bounds actually means. You can never go wrong from learning a perspective or teaching in Astrology, so I highly recommend the course for both reasons that, it’s insightful and also well-rounding!

Very Informative

very informative, helped me really understand my chart

franklin l.
Mar's Attacks Implicated In Border Wall

As someone with Mars out-of-bounds Tony's class was like taking the Red Pill, I was able to see and understand some of my shadow aspects in ways that could make me cringe. This is exactly what the Dr ordered. The salient points are sprinkled like salt throughout the lesson, so if you pay close attention you'll find there's plenty of meat on the bone. This was helpful, if not painfully clear. It will probably help me recognize when I am going out of bounds and hopefully provide me with a window of choice to tone it down for my own good. Very worthwhile course. Thank you indeed.

Shea B.
United States
Great Class!

I had never heard of Mars out of Bounds before, so it was nice to learn something entirely new. Also, as I've mentioned before, I really like Tony as a presenter. I hope he does more webinars, himself, in the future.

Wendy G.
Great webinar!

Great lecture about OOB Mars! Lots of good examples and characteristics of people born with Mars OOB, including a few I hadn't thought of. I enjoyed this. Well done! :-)

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