Mercury’s Phases – The Hidden Dimension


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with Tony Howard

Open up your interpretations of Mercury by incorporating its phase. Mercury can be understood through its relationship with the Sun and its visibility in the night sky. When Mercury is a “morning star” at birth, its function in our chart has a unique quality when compared to its “evening star” phase. We’ll unpack these differences as we review the technical specs of the Sun-Mercury relationship, including its retrograde cycle.

Even when retrograde in the natal chart, we can add nuance to our interpretation by incorporating Mercury’s state as morning or evening star. In this talk we’ll apply Dane Rudhyar’s phase relationship model to understand the entire Sun-Mercury relationship as a full cycle of development and process. Gain new insight about natal Mercury and its role in our mental development and communication, guardian of thresholds, and as psychopomp weaver of signs, symbols and omens.

Includes the charts of: Pam Grier, Alexander McQueen, Lorraine Hansberry, Philip K. Dick, Tammy Duckworth, Will Ferrell, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Pre-recorded for instant access.  

2 hrs. 15 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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