Saturn in Aquarius in Aspect


In this webinar, we’ll look at the meaning of the transit of Saturn through the sign of Aquarius. Saturn enters Aquarius March 23, 2020 heralding a time of challenge and growth for those with planets in Aquarius. The key to success is facing Saturnian stimulus with resolve and forearmed with knowledge that will help you rise to the challenge instead of buckling under the pressure.

We’ll consider the meaning of Saturn in Aquarius, looking back at previous cycles for clues as well as prominent individuals with natal Saturn in Aquarius. What insights can we gain from those times? And what are the gifts these people have contributed to society?

We’ll then focus on Saturn in aspect to each of the other planets by transit, with attention to how this specific developmental pressure might feel and be responded to in constructive ways.

with Tony Howard

Pre-recorded for instant access.

1 hr. 55 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: All Levels

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Shelley L.
Saturn in Aquarius

Another excellent Tony Howard original presentation! So timely for me as these energies coming to my 10th house soon. A very valuable and useful lesson.

Saturn in Aquarius

Great class! Thanks for sharing your insight, Tony!

Good overview of Saturn in Aquarius

Tony brings his considerable knowledge to provide a basic overview of Saturn in Aquarius along with some standard aspect information. Would be especially helpful for those learning to integrate the many layers in any chart. Also a good review if it has been a while since you worked with these Saturnian energies and aspects.

Kim B.
Very informative

Covered quite a bit of material in a relatively short period of time. I feel I have a better understanding of Saturn in Aquarius and through the various houses. I’ll definitely go back and rewatch again and again.

Samantha D.
Informative and interesting

Tony is very fun to learn from. He is personable and interacts with his audience throughout his webinars. I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to this talk on ♄ in ♒︎. Lots of potent and valuable information provided and research used that delineated his points. This is my natal placement, so I was looking to be inspired. The example charts and the overall experience definitely provided that to me. Thanks for a great webinar!

Astrology University

Thanks Samantha! We're glad you enjoyed the webinar, and especially that it resonated since you have this natal placement. Take care.

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