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Challenges and Opportunities


With every year that passes, we might reflect on the pivotal and life-changing events that transpired. But certain years stand out as especially dramatic or overflowing with developmental pressures. 2020 will be remembered as one of those years. As astrologers we knew this, and that’s why we got a head start with the conversation in last year’s summit. But it’s not over yet!

This fall the Mars retrograde in Aries cycle coincides with the longer influences of Jupiter+Saturn and Saturn+Pluto – all of which herald impactful changes and opportunities for growth, both on the personal and collective levels. Join us for a special astrology summit where we contemplate how the current planetary configurations point to themes in our personal and collective development. 

We’ll review the transits of 2020 and look ahead into 2021, with an eye on what we’ve been preparing for. Saturn-Pluto cycles herald events that leave a lasting impact, that we need to respond to for years to come. Now that we know more specifically what we’re dealing with, what choices will we make going forward? What does the new world look like that we’re now creating? And how can we tap into the deepest resources of our creativity to birth life-affirming and positive change as we all dream into being the world we want to see?

Astrology has been used for hundreds of years to analyze collective cycles of change and crisis, to examine the charts of world leaders and timing of events in their lives, and to understand global shifts and cultural sea-changes. 

In this summit, join several wise astrologers who are skilled at analyzing collective transits, mundane astrology and archetypal change. We’ll also hear from cutting edge astrologers in the trenches of establishing change in our culture as we speak.

I hope you’ll join us for this landmark event, as we engage with our present to change our future in concert with the unfolding planetary energies.

These inspiring talks will help you engage and participate in the co-creative process that is always available to each of us when we learn to listen to the cosmos. 


Kelly Surtees

Kelly Surtees

Astrology of the 2020 US Election

Karen Hamaker-Zondag

Karen Hamaker-Zondag

Dancing The Choreography of the Collective Cycles

Lynn Bell

Lynn Bell

Cracks in the System: Saturn squares Uranus

Jessica Lanyadoo

Jessica Lanyadoo

Astrology and the Voting Rights Act

Christof Niederwieser

Christof Niederwieser

The Corona Crisis as a Bridge Into the Air Age

Hadley Fitzgerald

Hadley Fitzgerald

Neptune and Our National Narrative

Samuel Reynolds Astrology

Sam Reynolds

Challenges of 2021 through the Eyes of Uranus

Alexander von Schlieffen

Alexander Von Schlieffen

12 Possible New Kingdoms

Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest

The Age of Eris

Christeen Skinner

Christine Skinner

An Astro Forecast for Europe

Ray Merriman

Ray Merriman

Super-Charged Degrees and Pandemics

Lilly Falconer

Lilly Falconer

Where is the Knife? Mars Movements in Late 2020

"dreaming the future" Panelists



(These talks are included only with purchase of the All Access Pass.)

Tony Howard astrologer

Tony Howard

Mars Retrograde 2020

David Crook

David Crook

Mundane Astrology for the US West Coast

Demetra George

Demetra George

War in the Heavens

Positive Feedback About OUR SummitS

The way you plan and organize your summits around a theme with underlying spiritual messages is brilliant. Yet they are down to earth and practical. You have a sincere and gentle way of making participants feel they are part of the process – not just sitting in front of the computer and listening to a lecture. ” – Alice Kashuba

“A personal THANK YOU to all the astrologers and folks behind the scenes for this weekend’s summit! It was mind blowing! Truly inspirational for our current and future education of Astrology as a life course. You pulled together a wonderful time. BRAVO!” – Trudy Carol

“I truly thank you. The summit was enlightening and I so appreciate the chance to hear wonderful speakers providing such excellent information. A blessing for all of us that attended.” – Dianne Lieberman

Thank you to all of the wonderful panelists of the summit.  These presenters’ inspirational stories helped me (and many others, I’m sure) to connect this turbulent time to a higher and deeper understanding, replacing the fear and dread with meaning and compassion. I am so grateful, from my rather isolated spot here on the northeast coast of Brazil, to be able to participate in these summits.  What a wonderful service you provide for the astrological community!” – Marilyn M.

“Astrology, as a servant of the imagination, is a vehicle for consciousness and a response to the soul’s call for deeper meaning.”


“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ”


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