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Finding the Life You Were Born to Live

Astrology, Life Purpose and Destiny

October 27-28, 2018

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Lynn Bell

RE-Direction: How Outer Planet Transits Call Us to Destiny

When the outer planets come for a visit, we’re challenged to release our attachment to stasis. These powerful, long-term transits can shake us loose, wake up our dreams, or take us down the rabbit-hole. Sooner or later we emerge, and the world rarely looks the same. We are changed, redirected in ways that we had not imagined, and may never have willingly chosen. Part of it is perceptual: we no longer see or feel the world in the same way. Understanding these passages is one of the great gifts of astrology. If all goes well, they can connect us more deeply to our Destiny, to who we are meant to be.

Greg Bogart

Career Counseling Theory and Vocational Astrology: A New Synthesis

In honor of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn: This presentation explores how vocational astrologers guide themselves and assist others in career decision making, coping with unemployment, workplace stress, burnout, occupational changes, self-employment, and retirement. We’ll consider how career counseling theories and tools enhance vocational astrology, and how astrology expands the universe of career counseling, introducing conceptual refinement, a Uranian paradigm of occupational interests, and the crucial dimension of timing. Case examples illustrate vocational astrology incorporating career counseling theories and principles.

Frank Clifford

What You Signed Up to Do

Some are born to be catalysts for change, some are here to fight for people, while others have signed up to tell their story or to maintain the Status Quo. In the birth chart, the Sun’s contacts (aspects) with other planets reveal what you’ve been born to do – your type of calling, your heart and what’s at your core. Join Frank to discover what makes your heart sing and the paths you were born to take.

Darby Costello

Destiny, Destinations and Choice : Navigating by the Stars

Since the beginning of our time as human beings, we have been navigating by the stars; across landscapes – notably deserts – and water bodies – especially oceans and seas. At some point, we began to look to the stars to help our rulers navigate possible events that might or might not be upon us. Today we look to the stars to help us with our choices in navigating the energies manifested in our individual lives – both inner and outer experiences and events.

So, what has this to do with Destiny or Life Purpose?   As defined in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Destiny is, “The predetermined course of events…the fate of a particular person, country, etc; [and] “invincible necessity.” 

During this hour we shall explore the dance between Destiny, Destinations and that which we call Free Will. 

Hadley Fitzgerald

Our Divine Natal Agenda—the Other DNA: Fate & Destiny Through the Lens of Astrology

When we’re born, eternity meets time, and when we die, time meets eternity. The life in between
is what C.G. Jung called “a luminous pause.” Astrologers use the natal chart to describe the
nature of that pause: its purpose, its pattern, and the timing that will weave them into the
experiences necessary for our evolution. We bring our chart with us when we incarnate into a
body, into a multigenerational ancestral heredity, and into an epochal environment. Together
these constitute our other DNA—our Divine Natal Agenda—and generate our fate—i.e., the
things we must accept because we cannot change them. The courage we summon to change the things we can will move us toward our destiny, to the life we were born to live.

At specific times certain transits and progressions move inexorably through a life that might’ve seemed random, but is suddenly caught in the net of its own purpose. As humans who feel called to be astrologers, we regularly encounter clients when something has blocked, shocked,
disoriented, and/or abducted them into a reality beyond their daily lives. In the process,
multigenerational family ghosts may also emerge, and the usual denial mechanisms just don’t
work anymore. At such times that luminous pause feels more like a long, dark night with no
North Star in sight. There’s an intense and poignant yearning for a place in the world: Where do
I belong? Who am I? Why is this happening? What does my soul want of me?

The natal chart grants us a deep dive into the mystery of the soul’s incarnational dilemmas, and
yet it’s important that it not be seen as an isolated statement. Each chart has a context. You and
the person next to you may each have a Moon-Pluto and a Sun-Saturn aspect; but your family
dynamics and your time in history will have something to say about how you’re each fated to
manifest those archetypal energies. When fate is pushing from behind, and destiny is standing up ahead at the crossroads, beckoning, how can we as astrologers contextualize our own and our
clients’ experiences and better serve the people who come to us for guidance?

Steven Forrest

The Single Greatest Gift Astrology Can Offer

One big problem when it comes to finding the life you were born to live? Too much advice! Everybody seems to have suggestions for you, especially when you are young. Generally those suggestions show a range of imagination stretching from A to B – get a job, make a baby, eat plenty of vegetables, plan for your retirement. Then die. But astrology, if it is anything at all, is a celebration of human diversity. What if your life is not supposed to be about career or family? What if you are on “the road less traveled?” “Normal” isn’t for everybody!

The single greatest gift astrology can offer anyone is to reveal that mirror of truth, illuminating those “unsupported” places where, in order to be true to yourself, you must embrace the parts of yourself that might be called weird, marginalized, or extraordinary. Often, those critical, supportive insights are hiding in plain sight, visible with a single glance at the birthchart – and overlooked until we remove our cultural blinders and truly hear what the symbols are saying.

Demetra George

The Ascendant Lord: Steering Towards Your Destiny

The Ascendant and its lord (planetary ruler) were seen by ancient astrologers as more important and descriptive of an individual’s character and life force than the Sun sign. In particular, this planetary lord was the guiding principle that directed a person towards his or her destiny. 

Learn how to determine the archetypal nature of your guide, where it is leading you, the ease or difficulty of the life journey, and the relative potential of a successful arrival to the intended destination.

Jason Holley

Deep Mercury: Hermes and the Quickening of Destinies

“Descents, retrievals, crossings, encounters – the mythology of Mercury is profoundly psychological. Yet astrology often forgets Mercury’s depth, despite his well-known mastery of what the ancients called Kairos: the ‘just right’ moment where old threads of lives unravel and new ones enter the loom.

Mercury is a soul-quickener: when he arrives on the scene, in myth and in our charts, stuck places unstick, silenced parts start speaking, lost items return. Mercury loosens us up, slips past defenses, opens roads to uncharted psychic territory and the deepest callings of Soul.

Mercury carried the caduceus, the entwined snakes of which were described in one ancient text as bound by the Knot of Necessity at the base and approaching the Kiss of Eros at the tip. Eros and Necessity – and the deep dialectic between them – seem to be the energies at play in every life, each compelling us in multiple directions, and it is Mercury’s magic to act as a guide and way-shower along these potential life paths.

Through stories and charts drawn from long-term psychotherapy, alongside the myths, we’ll explore the surprisingly profound effects Mercury subtly facilitates natally and through visitations by transit, progression, and synastry. We will also consider how astrologers – held by the ancients as sons and daughters of Mercury – may make use of the Mercurial mode of consciousness to offer readings that get behind defenses, invite Eros, and play with Necessity.”

Tony Howard

5 Strategies for Saturn Mastery

Saturn marks time and is often associated with fate. Whether you believe in fate or free will, the fact is that sometimes we’re forced to respond to challenges that are outside our control to choose. 

During Saturn transits, such events bring us to our growth edge, and if we accept (rather than resist) our “fate” in these moments, we can roll up our sleeves and get to the difficult work Saturn times often require.

In this lecture you’ll learn 5 key strategies to mastering Saturn lessons. In addition, we’ll discuss several actions and intentions that you can start using right away to improve your Saturn experience – during transits and also in response to birth chart lessons.

You’ll come away with inspiration as well as practical tools you can apply to your next phase of heavy Saturn energy so that you can feel more empowered to face a challenge, a difficult task, or reach a personal long-term goal.

Mark Jones

Meeting Remarkable People: an Astrological Exploration of Destiny in Relationship

“When Maria Sklodowska met her future husband, Pierre Curie, she met her co-creator in scientific endeavour as well as the man who would do so much to support her social standing in the male-dominated scientific arena. Marie Curie’s work would lead to two Nobel prizes in two separate disciplines.

When Freud and Jung met, they spoke without interruption for 13 hours, such was the intensity in the meeting of these two radical and like minds.

When Claiborne Paul Ellis joined the save our schools program to promote his cause for a white America, within a matter of weeks his worldview would turn upside down due to his meeting with civil rights activist Ann Atwater. The change was so dramatic that he would abandon his role as Exalted Cyclops of the KKK to advocate for civil rights!

These, and other extraordinary examples lead us into an astrological analysis of the factors involved in human transformation and destiny: the nodes of the Moon and their rulers stand out, as do Outer Planet Transits to sensitive points in the natal chart. We explore in depth the myriad astrological factors involved in these marvelous encounters so that we can all be sensitive to this possibility in our own and others’ lives.”

Jessica Murray

Sacred Activism: Living in Both Inner and Outer Worlds

In this presentation Jessica will discuss the false split between spiritual search and social consciousness. It is time to challenge the very old idea, originating in religious thinking, that if we’re dedicated to self-inquiry we can’t also be responsive to the world’s problems. The urgencies of our era are calling upon us to heal this breach, and astrological symbolism can help us understand how. Jessica will address what our charts tell us about how to work on our individual consciousness while not ignoring the serious issues that beset our greater world.

Nadiya Shah

Life Purpose in the Astrology Chart

Life Purpose is an elusive, evolving question. It is also one of the top questions asked of any astrologer, including myself. This class will explore what I call the “Big Six” as part of living a life filled with optimism, peace, purpose, and success. We will go through each of the symbols and explore their meaning, as part of synthesizing a chart towards feeling more and more like we are living in alignment with a higher purpose for our lives. *note: This is a replay of a class previously taught by Nadiya at Synchronicity University.

Kelly Surtees

Planets of Destiny

Discover two planets you can work with, express and manifest to help you fulfill your purpose. You’ll learn a simple system to identify these two planets, which differ depending on whether you’re born during the day or at night. You’ll gain new respect for the power of these two special planets in your chart, and discover how expressing or manifesting their qualities can help you live into your destiny.

Kira Sutherland

Blueprinting Your Health: The Natal Chart as a Guide to Optimal Lifestyle Choices

Keeping healthy in a fast paced world can be a real challenge these days. How do we figure out what the body needs and what we should be avoiding in order to enhance our wellbeing?

In this lecture Kira will look at the Natal chart as a ‘blueprint’ for working with one’s health. Focusing on the Ascendant, Sun and Moon to gain insight into the story they are telling us and how to support this ‘astro health map’ with foods and activities.

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“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ” -DANE RUDHYAR


“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. 

Astrology is one of the most direct tools to self-inquiry. Why not start your inner journey today!

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