June 2020 Solar Eclipse


Sun Talk

All the planets, including the Earth, revolve around the Sun, the centre of Solar System in which we live, and the source of most of its light and heat. The Earth’s relationship with the Sun defines the shape and timing of our alternating days and nights as the ‘revolution’ on our own axis means the Earth shows an ever-different face of the Earth in reference to the luminous, effulgent Centre which the Sun represents. 

We all ‘know’ these simple facts, but I’d invite you to take a moment to actually visualise this within your minds eye. And perhaps to remind yourself  that the entire Solar System is moving through space at the mind-boggling speed of 45,000 miles per hour (72,000 kilometres)! See here.

The Sun and Moon are not actually planets, and were traditionally called ‘The Luminaries’. Current use of this word is usually limited to its meaning as a ‘notable person’, but the older meanings refer to lamp, light, glory, source or bringer of spiritual light or holiness. Likewise, the Sun in the horoscope represents many different levels of what the notion of ‘Centre’ might mean, as portrayed by the evolution of the etymology! And its meaning evolves as we mature.

So the Sun refers to ‘Me’ as the sense of ‘self-reference’ built up from birth onwards, largely consisting of ego-structures as we identify with our parent’s influence and perceptions of us, as well as how we feel received (or not) by the world. This may or may not be congruent with who we truly feel ourselves to be. So at this level, the Sun is about “I, me, mine … ‘my’ personality, desires, character, options, gifts” and so on.

However, the Sun also concerns our deeper sense of unique individuality which is beyond social conditioning, and which seeks acknowledgement and expression in our life. The awareness of this often goes in tandem with our recognition both of being part of something far greater than ‘just me’, and also of being uniquely, recognisably, ‘just me’! What a delicious paradox does this Mystery bring into our lives! As if to know and embrace the Light We Are in our central core requires us to heartfully meet the duality symbolised by Day and Night … Me + Not Me, Stillness + Speed, Light + Shadow, Individual + Collective, Spirit + Matter … and so on.

In the words of Dane Rudhyar
(“New Mansion for New Men” (1971) Servir Publications, pp.103-104)

“The melody of light! … mystics of all ages have taken pains to show that the outer brilliance we behold is not the reality of the Sun, but only it’s outer glory. … The “Heart of the Sun” is the unknown Deity; the photosphere, His “Robe of Glory”. It is the song of the Multitudes that are the cells of the divine Body. It is the song of the celestial Hosts conveying to the outer world the inner reality of the One who is the beginning, the middle and the end of all there is in the solar system, the One who is drawing all things to Himself that they may partake of His divinity,, the One who is the supreme Integrator, the All-encompassing and Compassionate: Whom men call God.”

Apollo, Coronis and ‘plagues’

Apollo was the foster-father of Chiron, to whom he was given by a shepherd who found him left abandonned by his mother, Philyra. Chiron learned numerous skills from Apollo, including music and medicine, of whom Apollo was an original patron. We find an interesting story, resonant for ‘these times’ which recounts that Coronis, a Thessalian princess, was beloved of Apollo. She, however, betrayed him and such was Apollo’s rage that he enlisted the help of his sister Artemis to do away with in an act of revenge.

But Artemis went into ‘over-kill’ and many thousands of people were struck down with her ‘plague arrows’. Apollo eventually relented, called her off, and saved the unborn child of Coronis. This was none other than Asklepius, who was given into the care of Chiron and under his tutelage became one of the best-known healers of all time. There are still many Asklepions, or temples of healing, in present-day Greece, most notably at Epidaurus. These ancient sites still carry to this day a high-energy healing ‘charge’.

So the cycle completes. Chiron was fostered by Apollo, whose consort’s child was given into the care of Chiron, and became the great healer Asklepius.


The word ‘corona’ means ‘crown’ and is also the name given to the “Ring of Fire” surrounding the Sun as seen during Annular Solar Eclipses, like the one coming up on June 21st. This occurs when the Moon is too far away from the Earth (therefore seen as smaller) to cover the Sun. See the links below for full astronomical descriptions. Appropriately enough, June 21st is also “Father’s Day” in the UK, so this period of time is auspicious for work with ‘the father’s line’: your own father, grandfather, great-grandfather. See, feel, know, the legacy you have inherited. How do you relate to this? Honour your own male lineage and allow yourself to become aware of ‘what needs to happen’ in terms of healing. Offer this up to the Greater Light … ‘Being and Seeing’ rather than ‘Doing’ …

This Eclipse will be visible in an arc which begins in central West Africa and proceeds through the Middle East, culminating in China, near Wuhan and Beijing, and fading into the Western Pacific Ocean. (Media reports from yesterday – fresh outbreaks of COVID-19 in the latter, with selective repeat ‘lockdowns’.) It also sits prominently in the horoscopes of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Who will be eclipsing who or what? Or ‘being eclipsed’ by what? (BJ ‘eclipsed’ this week, making a ‘policy U-turn’ following a plea from the soft-spoken and charming football star Marcus Rashford. Perhaps a smart PR move, considering that the Solar Eclipse will fall on BJ’s 9th house North Node in the sign of Cancer, widely conjunct his MC. Issue was one of school lunches. Cancer = nourishment. Astrology ‘does it again’!)

 A Contemplation:

A Solar Eclipse occurs always at New Moon, with the Sun and Moon conjunct in zodiac terms, placed on the same side of the Earth. The Luminaries (Yin-Yang) unite and the Moon obscures the Light of the Sun from view. This may reveal some of the habits, attitudes or typical emotional reactions that may obscure our Inner Light. Our ‘conditioning’, in a word. While the Moon occludes our view of the Sun, note that it is also shining of the Dark Side of the Moon, the face we never see! A beautiful piece of symbolism, indeed.

In the darkness of an eclipse we may be subtly shown ‘that which is hidden’. Perhaps some internal darkness or destructiveness is revealed and dissolved through the light of understanding and compassion. Perhaps we are introduced to some aspect of our soul, hitherto quite unknown, or which has long been in the dark, perhap being protected, waiting for the right time to be revealed.

There are still cultures where by custom people do not go out during eclipses, but stay at home and pray. (‘Lockdown’, anyone?!) An aura of fear has been generated around eclipses in the collective psyche. Psychologically, they are periods when the boundary between consciousness and the unconscious is very porous. While this can initiate a time of transformative inner work, if we ignore or remain oblivious to the shifting tides of these cosmic energies we may experience a ‘bleed-through’ from our own unconscious, finding ourselves subject to strong emotions which we may act out, sometimes to the detriment of ourselves and others. 

So, in brief, it makes sense to regard eclipses as sacred times which need to be honoured and contained, and perhaps prepared for in a practical way. Being willing to meet whatever arises, there is nothing to fear. Eclipses help the process of transition, cutting ties and shining their dark light on what is ending, so we can give it a ‘decent burial’ and feel the loss as we welcome ‘the beginning new’ (known or unknown).  

Solar Eclipse POI (Points OInterest)
We are now in an eclipse season which features a Lunar Eclipse on June 5th followed by a Solar Eclipse near the Solstice on June 21st. followed by another Lunar Eclipse on July 5th.

Click here  for a brief countdown to the Solar Eclipse. These few days contain some interesting astrological details! Look out for the following:

  • Mercury turning Rx June 18th, so bringing a tone of reflectivity throughout the eclipse period, turning Direct on July 12th, so approximately the exit from the eclipse season. We are invited to review, reflect, welcome that which may be returning to our life after perhaps having been ‘buried’ or ‘eclipsed’ for a while …
  • To celebrate the Solstice on June 20th, click here for a free online webinar meditation. (Scroll down the page for description – website of Martin Jones.)
  • The huge concentration of activity around the North Node – the ‘Dragon’s Head’. This point is deeply motivational, drawing us away from the past and towards the future.
    So what do we need to salvage and take with us? And what will the “Ring of Fire” burn up completely so that we can walk away, freed from ‘something’? Saying our goodbyes and giving gratitude for what is leaving our life. This applies just as much to our internal process as it does to ‘making our way in the world’ …

Also … remember Chariklo in Capricorn

The Centaur Chariklo, wife of Chiron, accompanies Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in their transit through Capricorn 2019-2021, and is within close orb of conjunct Saturn this entire time, and hovering near the end of the sign of Capricorn.

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