Mars in the 12 Signs

Mars Woman Punching

by Steven Forrest

Mars in Aries. The evolutionary intent is to learn to apply one’s sexual will with courage and directness. There is a soul-desire to reclaim unabashed Eros, and to resolve karmic anger linked either to the repression of natural sexual desires or to sexual humiliation.

Mars in Taurus. The evolutionary intent is to apply one’s sexual will toward the development of connectedness to the world of nature and to one’s instinctive side. There is a soul-desire to restore the natural freedom of erotic self-expression to the physical body, implying prior life experiences in which sexuality became stilted or was viewed as a shameful expression of our “animal”  natures.

Mars in Gemini. The evolutionary intent is to apply the sexual will towards the development of radical alertness,  pure perception, and above all the free exchange of ideas. Erotically, there is often a hunger for diversity in reaction to prior life dynamics of “dutiful” sexual functioning, complicated by prior life trauma related to sexual damage sustained—and silenced—at an early age. Unaddressed, that can manifest as “childish” sexual attitudes and behaviors.

Mars in Cancer. The evolutionary intent is to create a safe environment for the comforting and healing of the deepest expression of human sexuality, which is the capacity truly to bond with a partner. Prior life dynamics led to fear and mistrust:  a sense that sexuality will spin out of control and pain will be created. There is a soul-desire to find the courage to trust again.

Mars in Leo. The evolutionary intent is to learn to express Eros with creativity, unabashed self-confidence, and verve in response to prior-life experiences involving circumstances of inhibition, repression, and public shaming—a delicate process involving the restoration to the sexual nature of elements of healthy selfishness and natural pride.

Mars in Virgo. The evolutionary intent is towards the development of personally meaningful competencies which are applied in service toward the partner. Driving this behavior is a soul-desire to resolve relational or sexual guilt from the karmic past. That guilt may have come from actual wrong-doing, or from the general shaming of sexuality under the repressive culture of the patriarchy.

Mars in Libra. The evolutionary intent is to apply the will toward effectively bridging those gaps between self and other which are created by repressed anger. In a nutshell, there is a soul-desire to learn the art of healthy intimate conflict, based upon prior-life dynamics in which such conflict was either suppressed behind “appropriateness,” or too dangerous to risk because of the partner’s violent reactions.

Mars in Scorpio. The evolutionary intent is to apply the will to a relentless, wrenchingly honest, shared process of self-examination, revelation and transformation. There is a reaction to a prior-life dynamic of sexual deceit, and a soul-desire to re-establish trust on the basis of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Mars in Sagittarius. Always with Sagittarius, the evolutionary intent involves applying one’s will ethically and in accord with natural law. At the same time, there is a soul-desire for the freedom to experience erotic excitement, and probably some degree of erotic diversity. The tension between those opposing drives reflects an unresolved prior-life dynamic, for which the soul now intends a resolution culminating in lofty, profoundly erotic and freely-chosen commitment.

Mars in Capricorn. The evolutionary intent is to apply the will towards self-control, integrity and meaningful accomplishments, which lead to the attainment of a position in life where effective protection, sustenance, and defense can be offered to the beloved. This intent is in response to perceived feelings of failure in that area in a prior life, which have left the scent of shame in their wake.

Mars in Aquarius. The evolutionary intent is to apply the will to claiming one’s right to be spontaneously, even rebelliously oneself, sexually and otherwise. There is a reaction against prior-life dynamics involving sexual “rules,” often including the monastic rule of sexual abstinence.  It may also be connected with prior-life sexual coercion, where social pressures led to an unsatisfying and ultimately dishonest sexual union.

Mars in Pisces. The evolutionary intent here involves a deep paradox:  to find the strength, will and courage to surrender. There is a soul-desire to experience the fusion of erotic and spiritual passions, in response to their fission in prior lifetimes, when there was exhausting oscillation between celibate commitment to “the spiritual path” and surrender to compelling sexual desire.

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Mars Spiritual Warrior


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