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This bundle, assembled especially for the Astrology + Relationships Summit, includes 3 extra workshops exploring the summit theme.

  1. Sexuality Astrology and Therapy with Karen Hamaker-Zondag
    When you get questions about sexuality from clients, which parts of the chart are you going to consider? Is Mars really the planet that describes how you perform in bed? And Venus, what you like? Practice shows that these kinds of delineations are by far not enough to describe the often very complex issues around sexuality. Sexuality is a vital and instinctive force with expressions ranging from very destructive acts to the most spiritual forms of tantra.Studying the influence of culture and religion, biology and psychology on our attitude towards sexuality for many years, and having clients who openly discussed their sexual problems, I came to a new and much deeper understanding of the astrological dynamics in the chart related to sexuality. In this lecture Karen demonstrates the influence of culture and religion, psychological consequences, and how sexuality can be part of an escape mechanism, or part of a personality disorder, and much more, and how this is mirrored in the chart.

    We will study the charts of well-known people whose sexual life has been studied and documented. And of course we will look at what several planets and houses ask from us to be able to really experience true intimacy in sexuality, and enjoy.
    Approximately 90 min. | includes video, audio and slides

  2. The 7th House Webinar with Demetra George
    “Constancy of the heart” and marriage were emphasized throughout the astrological tradition as the primary meaning of the Seventh House. But somewhere along the way opponents and open enemies, and then even the shadow and projection were added, resulting in the complex web of interaction with both the inner and outer ‘Other’ in our lives.In this webinar we explore answers to these common 7th house questions: How does the house of marriage turn into that of open enemies? What does projection and the shadow have to do with “constancy of the heart”? What does the rising sign tell us about 7th house matters? We’ll also look at how each rising sign forms a template for the other house topic that always becomes activated in each person’s relationships; what the ideal mate looks like; whether one attracts Beauty or the Beast, and what one can do about it.
    Approximately 90 min. | includes audio and slides
  3. Your Progressed Venus with Kelly Surtees
    When Venus moves through the chart by progression new dynamics unfold in our lives. Venus is often about love and marriage, so our romantic lives can shift when our progressed Venus does, but for each of us, Venus also represents at least one other important topic, like money, work, family, health or friendship. Find out what topics, in addition to relationships, are influenced by your progressed Venus.Your progressed Venus triggers subtle and dramatic changes as she shifts through the Zodiac. Discover what it means – and what will change – when your progressed Venus changes sign. Learn how to interpret an aspect involving your progressed Venus.
    1 hr. 45 min. | includes video, audio, and slides

Valued at $90 if purchased separately – get all three downloads for just $35 when adding on to your summit purchase! 

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Thea J.


I love how easy you make it for people to watch live and having a great price for purchasing earlier. The content and speakers are always so exceptional.

Neesa M.

plenty of depth and learning

My particular favorite was Mark Jones. I actually bought the summit mainly because I wanted to revisit this again--and again. He brings experience, maturity, depth and a deeply holistic / integrated approach to astrology. My other favorites were Frank Clifford and Brian Clark, and Melanie Reinhart, all of whom bring unique and valuable perspectives to the table. I am sure i will revisit these and catch a couple of presenters that I missed during the summit. Thanks!


Excellent teachings, as always. Thank

Excellent teachings, as always. Thank you



I never intended to sign up for the all access pass but at the middle of day two completely changed my mind — no regrets and I consider this something I’ll refer back to many times as it was so rich with deep learning and observations. Some of the content was completely new to me despite participation in groups and astrology circles for years. Highly recommend this for beginner intermediate and advanced students of astrology. The bonus recordings available with all access pass were amazing and not available during the summit.

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