Chiron in Aries at the Bending – Completing the Initiation


In 2020, Chiron journeys through the South Bending of the lunar nodes, recognized as a place of reckoning since ancient times.  Chiron in Aries keys us to the limitations and wounding of the heroic mode of modern consciousness – as well as the possibility of apprenticing the heroic impulse to much deeper and older wisdom.  

In this talk we will explore this rich psychic territory with the aid of stories drawn from the tale of Jason, hero-apprentice to Chiron whose quests included the Golden Fleece of the holy ram depicted in Aries.  These stories give us the opportunity to dream and redream the journey each of us is asked to make when Chiron transits Aries – with the urgency that a trip through the bendings entails, suspended between past and present, karma and dharma, much like Jason’s ship as it navigated through the famous Crashing Rocks that closed in on any thing that dared move between them.

with Jason Holley

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.

1 hr. 20 min. | includes video and audio

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Elizabeth C.
Addicted to Jason Holley's teaching!

I simply can't get enough of Jason Holley's workshops! I always learn so much and my imagination gets sparked by the myths and artwork he shares. Plus, his sense of humor is delightful!

cydney t.
Chiron at the Bending

excellent - I was having a hard time getting my head around the north node in Aries energy - all clear now.

Zubaida J.
The best Chiron lecture!

I love Jason Holly’s style of delivering a class! Not only is it rich in material but the information is so easily understood. Plus his humour is just fabulouS.

Chiron in Aries at the Bending-Completing the Initiation

This was an excellent class. Every Jason Holley webinar is really fabulous at uncovering and illuminating astrology's mythological roots and meaning(s). Here he tells the story of Jason and the argonauts and how it mimics the effect of Chiron in Aries 'at the bending', when Chiron squares the lunar nodes. There's a lot of material to take in, worth several viewings if you're new to this material.

Joy M.
Jason, you are Brilliant!

Jason is brilliant and generous with his thoughtful insights into the power and purpose of Chiron, particularly at the “Bending” ~ a new theory to me. His presentation offers hope and sense to those of us who know we still have work to do. Invaluable guidance and wisdom!

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