The Fifth House – Good Fortune


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Join Demetra George for a webinar where you’ll discover why ancient astrologers placed romance, sexuality and children, along with other pleasurable pursuits, into the fifth house. Demetra suggests we consider removing sexuality from the eighth house and restoring it to its traditional place in the fifth house as the joy of Venus, the light of love, where Venus wants us to “get lucky.”

Includes a supplementary discussion of the names that ancient astrologers gave to the houses and how their names are connected to the Joys – the places when the planets rejoice.

In each program in this houses series Demetra will:

  • Explore both the ancient and modern significations of each house
  • Explain the underlying rationale that connects the various significations
  • Discuss the connection between the joys of the houses and the ancient names of each house
  • Understand each house in terms of its relative dynamic angularity and fortunate/unfortunate classification
  • Demonstrate how benefic and malefic planets operate differently in each house, and how they either realize or obstruct the positive topics or prevent or activate the difficult expressions
  • Determine the planet that rules the house in question and learn how to integrate that planet’s nature and location into your expanded interpretation of the house

90 min. | includes audio, video and slides

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